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Pore-Minimizing Hacks Every Girl Needs RN

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You know the one thing that plays truant when you are trying to have a good makeup day? Pores. Oh, I know they are there. I mean, of course. Everyone has pores. But sometimes, they won’t relent. They won’t just be there on the sidelines. They want to be up, close and central and they are LARGE. So instead of the flawless look I am going for where everything looks absolutely perfect, I end up with products exaggerating my pores, making them look bigger. Foundation separates helplessly in the presence of these pores and blush tends to go on patchy. What I am saying is, the struggle is real. Plus, I get oily and these pores look worse, so yeah. 

So, I list here 5 ways you can minimize pores and keep them looking small so you don’t have to have your makeup navigate the tricky terrain that could be your face.

Ice Pore

1. Ice, Ice Baby

This is cost-effective, easily disposable and requires only a minimum effort from your end. Yes, we are talking about ice. Ice your face before putting on your makeup and you’ll see your pores shrink.

Exfoliate Pore

2. Exfoliate

Want to keep your skin smooth? Exfoliate. By sloughing off dead skin and unclogging pores, you are doing your skin a favour and it’ll thank you by making makeup look fabulous on you.

Beauty story -Pore Minimizing

3. Prime Time

This is basic. First base. We are talking primer. Use a pore-filling primer to start off your makeup and your products will glide on much easier and look much more flawless.

Beauty story - powder

4. Powder Puff

Turn to your powder to hold up your makeup and make your pores look practically invisible. Once you have your makeup on, swirl on your powder to blur out the obvious pores.

Beauty story - Make It Matte

5. Matte Attack

If your pores are acting up, you probably want to skip the highlighter. Shimmering and glittery products draw attention to your pores making the whole situation worse. Matte is the way to go to draw attention away from them.


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