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You Simply HAVE To Try These Pokémon GO Nail Art Ideas!

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I don’t want to sound high-handed, but if you don’t know what Pokémon GO is you’ve been living under a rock. And I’m totally SMH and judging you. If you don’t, educate yourself right this instant with our detailed report. And if you can tear yourself away from the viral game long enough, grab your nail polishes, nail art tools, Q-tips, the whole shebang, and give yourself a Pokémon GO mani to match the mania!

Here’s a supremely easy tutorial on one of the most basic Pokémon designs:



You can either use cello tape to create the black stripes or do it freehand. If you’re not too sure about making the black circle freehand, you can use a bobby pin in place of a dotting tool.

I hope that video inspires you to pick up more intricate designs like the ones I’ve rounded up below:


There’s this game I’ve been playing that you might have heard of. Based on some old games from the 90s or something? ? I don’t even know if all these balls feature in Pokémon Go or not (can someone tell me?! ?) because I’m only level 5 still, but I just had a compulsion to do some Pokémon nails. These are the legit ? Gen I balls! Sidenote: My dog is gonna have a very nice, outdoorsy kinda weekend. #hypetrain #nails #nailart #nailfeature #nailsart #nailswag #nailartist #naildesign #nailpolish #nailartclub #nailstagram #nailartjunkie #nailsartcentral #nailsofinstagram #mani #notd #looknaildecor #nailsofig #instanails #nailfeature #nails2inspire #sonailicious #officialnailasaurus #weheartnailart #bloglovinbeauty #pokemongo #pokemongonails #pokeball #pokemonnails #pokemonnailart #gottacatchemall

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This is one the easiest freehand styles you can do. Use guiding strips like the ones used in French manicures for neat and precise lines.


If drama is more your scene, these stiletto nails complete with blingy sequins will be right up your alley.


These flesh-toned pink nails plus Jigglypuff and Eevee on accent nails are a low-key profession of your love for the game.


If you are proficient in nail art and can paint freehand, these pastel-coloured Pokémon are the best way to give your mani an update.


These #pokemonnails took 2 hours… #procrastinationatitsfinest

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How adorable is that Pikachu on the ring finger? Besides, it looks fairly easy to do with not much detailing required.


Add the tiniest hint of bling to your mani with this glittery french tip.


Or go all out and create a glittery base for your characters to stand out.


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This is the perfect design for clumsy-with-paintbrushes girls (including yours truly!).


Pokenails because Pokemon Go is srsbsns. #pokemongo#pokemonnails #nailart #pokemon

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Who would have thought that the mere swipe of a matte top coat can elevate your nail art to such rad levels?


Drawing Poké Balls on every nail can get monotonous. Break it up with the adorable Pikachu on an accent nail.


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