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This Hair Straightener Is Giving Baishali Silky Straight Locks

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My hair has a mind of its own. No, really. On some days, it looks straight out of a shampoo commercial, and on others, I’m fairly certain there’s a bird or summin hiding in there. On some days, my bangs frame my face so beautifully that my friends are convinced I went to the salon, and on others, they’re frizzy and unruly, with a strange kink in them that I, till date, have not been able to decipher. Sigh. Nonetheless, I do love my hair on most days. But! For the days when it decides to rebel against me, its very loving owner, I need an extra hand — even if it’s just for the front.


So I decided to invest in this cute, fun, and super useful Phillips Selfie Hair Straightener (why it’s called a selfie straightener, please don’t ask me). Now I should also add that I’m a bit of a spaz when it comes to styling my hair — I once got a hairbrush stuck in my hair while drying to blow-dry it *facepalm*. So I need an easy-to-use product that will style my hair without burning it all off. And thankfully, this one does just that. It’s small and compact, heats up real quick, and has a swivel cord that makes it easy to manouever (which is a huge boon for someone as *graceful* as I am).

The one down side of the straightener is that there’s no temperature control, and it gets frikkin hot. So I tend to turn it on and off a couple of times while using it. Also, I largely use it only for my bangs and for the front of my hair, but you can go all out and get the poker-straight hair of your dreams with this one.

The most important reason I bought this is that…IT’S PURPLE. Yes, I’m shallow like that. If you love purple and your hair as much as I do, I suggest hit SHOP NOW!

SHOP NOW: Phillips Selfie Hair Straightener (Rs 979)


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