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6 Overnight Hair Tutorials For A Good Hair Day

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Furiously hitting the snooze button while craving a few more minutes of shut-eye would work a lot better if we didn’t have an hour’s worth of a beauty regime ahead of us. Yes, this one is for all the non-morning girls out there. A controlled mane is hard to achieve, especially if one tries to style it overnight. So many times we’ve either curled or straightened our hair out only to find our tresses all over the place in the morning.

And bed head doesn’t quite work when it is not the look you were going for in the first place. That’s why YouTube hair gurus are just a click away. We’ve dug through the dungeons of the internet and hunted down the best DIY overnight hair tutorials that will help you lock in those heatless curls or hold on to the frizz-free straightening, all while you’re getting those extra precious minutes of beauty sleep!


1. Sock Bun Curls

Hacks are our best friends, especially when they come with friendly solutions. This tutorial similarly uses a DIY sock bun — you know, that donut bun — to create waves that do not require any heat. Just twirl your hair in that bun and take some ZZZs and voila! the curls are all locked in. If your hair is stubborn, simply apply some product and you’re set.


2. Keeping it straight

This wrap technique allows flat-ironed hair to smoothen out while you are asleep. If your hair frizzes up easily and you want to keep that long-lasting straighten overnight, sleep with your hair wrapped starting from the sides, leading up to your crown.


3. Beach waves in bed

There is a reason why this video is super popular. An easy breezy method to get beachy waves, this tutorial indulges in styling damp hair by twisting it before you hit the sack. Sounds so simple, right? Just unravel those twists the next morning and you will have the perfect waves.


4. Deep Condition

This tutorial shows how a cocktail of hair masques can extensively condition your tresses overnight. All you have to do is apply them in to your locks when wet, braid away, and then pass out for the night. When you wake up, your curls will be perfectly defined, hassle-free, and of course, tangle-free!


5. Curly to straight

You don’t need to surrender your beautiful strands to chemicals or heat — getting curly to straight hair without any heating tools is possible. By using simple hair accessories this vlogger smoothens out her curly hair and wraps it overnight, only to wake up to tamed, sleek, and straight hair.


6. The Hair Plop

The hair plop technique is basically air-drying naturally curly hair in order to keep the ringlets tight and free of any frizz. Simply spritz on some product such as serum or hair foam, scrunch your strands and roll them into a cotton turban, made out of an old unused t-shirt. Your curls won’t lose shape at all!


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