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Buckle Up Good Cuz’ We Are About To Break Some Of The Most Widely Held Organic Products Myths

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The buzzword in the beauty industry that has both unified and divided people is “Organic”. I have met women who swear by organic products for their skincare needs. I have also been in the company of women who would give it a pass, calling it a “green fad”. But with the rise in regulatory bodies like FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) looking over the make and distribution of these products, there has been a shift in perception.

Organic skincare regime has been around from eons to space-age as ‘dadi-nani ke nuskhe’. We all have used multani-mitti or haldi-chandan paste at some point in life. But with time we conveniently drove away from the natural ingredients and shifted towards synthetic skincare regime. Shifting again, the beauty scenario in the world is widely transforming. The increased awareness about harmful chemicals triggered the much-deserved limelight to the organic skincare products that once used to fall under the index of ancillary beauty care. Also, thanks to the high-tech advances these organic products are finding their way back to our beauty shelves.

Hauterfly Freny Jariwala The Secret Ingredient

We wanted to dive-in deeper in the phenomenon of organic products, especially body care since we nearly don’t pay enough attention to it! A quick chat with Founder & Managing Partner Freny Jariwala of The Secret Ingredient introduced us to quite a lot of revelations regarding organic beauty. Harboring a keen interest and expertise in the soap making business, much of which is passed down from her forefathers who were in the same business. Freny feels deeply about this craft. She has a deep-rooted understanding of the field and drawing from the experience of using all-natural products made at home with recipes, Freny, wanted to share the same love that was her family’s heirloom.

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Radiating wellness inside out, organic products also have their share of misconceptions. Setting the record straight, the list below debunks the mistaken beliefs that surround organic skincare.

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Myth: Organic Skincare Is Ineffective

The most common myth comes with the fact that the effects of organic skincare products show gradually and do not give the desired results. Drugstore skincare products are often watered down and jam-packed with tons of chemical preservatives, for an extended shelf life contrary to organic products that are filled with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants at high concentrations. These chemical-based skincare products offer temporary results but organic skincare products create wonders in the long term. Before chemical-based products found their way in the market, for ages, people were using yogurt and honey blend paste for obtaining natural, glowing skin. Organic products combine these ingredients with plant-based minerals which result in more hydrated and clearer skin, with a glow that doesn’t fade away.

Hauterfly Organic Body Care 2

Myth: Organic Products Take To Long To Get Absorbed

The myth surrounding the feel of the organic skincare products instigated because every organic product holds an exclusive texture and composition which stands contrary to the diluted skin products people usually find at drugstores. The formulation of organic skincare products is the perfect balance of richness and purity. Also, due to the thick texture, it requires less amount of application on the skin and works amicably to enhance the skin’s ability to nourish, strengthen and repair itself. Enriched with edible home ingredients and natural inedible vitamins, organic skincare products take no time to absorb into the skin and preserves youthful, radiant skin for a long time. The rich textured organic products are a powerful blend of potent and effective ingredients which helps in locking moisture within the skin while enabling it to breathe. Creating wonders in no time, organic skincare products enhance the skin to appear rejuvenated and radiant.

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Myth: Organic Skincare Is Too Expensive

Except for a few high-end brands with unbelievably over-priced products, organic skin-care products are worth every penny and are heavy on your pocket. An organic skincare product entails carefully selected natural ingredients derived from the environment for their gift of restoring strength, shielding, and nourishing skin. The synergy of this organic balance strengthens the skin to be healthy inside out! Due to the abundance of luxuriant ingredients and high-concentration, a little application on the skin goes a long way. Thus, with every use, the cost is rather acceptable than expensive. Compare your chemical product ingredient list to organic product ingredient list and you will instantly realize the difference in composition and volume of pure quality ingredients which incessantly impact our body. Enriched with ingredients like natural Shea butter and jojoba oil, organic skincare products are nature’s best skin remedies and you can’t put a price on your health!

Hauterfly Organic Body Care 4

Myth: Organic Products Smell Bad

How can rose or sandalwood smell bad? And how can the smell of cocoa be offensive? Organic skincare products are enriched with pure ingredients and are free from all harmful chemicals which cause serious itchiness, rashes and other allergic reactions like headaches and asthma. The synthetic products which emit a strong scent are usually created with the addition of a copious amount of chemicals and perfumes. Extremely habitual of these strong fragrances, our olfactory senses equate them with subtle organic aromas, which are a blend of purity and freshness. Naturally created with pure essential oils and ingredients such as lavender, shea butter, vanilla and peppermint, organic skincare products nourish and hydrate skin leaving behind the subtle fragrance of freshness.

Hauterfly Organic Body Care 1

Myth: A Healthy Diet Is All We Need For Healthy Skin

Yes and No! ‘Yes’ because eating healthy is good for skin and we have heard zillion times from our grannies that eating clean and antioxidant-rich food is their secret to glowing skin. ‘No’ because, to combat the fast-paced life that we are living today, a healthy diet alone is not sufficient for great skin. Your food cannot remove the dirt from your skin the way an organic soap can. We all have studied that skin is the largest organ of our body and it absorbs whatever we apply, indirectly affecting our overall internal health. Organic skincare products provide necessary nourishment to the skin through effective and natural ingredients and consequently impart softer, healthier and hydrated skin. They also significantly aid the skin from fighting harsh environmental elements, UV damage and unexpected early aging. So, for rich, hydrated, naturally glowing skin, eat healthily, but also make sure to include organic skincare products in your lifestyle to maintain skin’s natural, healthy-looking appearance.

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Beauty and skincare will evolve further with time, but don’t let hearsay confuse your beliefs about organic skincare products. We hope this addresses your doubts and opens you up to reveal more organic skincare products in your regime. Moreover, with the growth of ethical trend, abundant organic options are also snowballing. So, start with yourself and keep in mind the health of your skin. It is essential to understand that what you put on your body is equally important to what you put in your body. Pamper your skin with the organic care it deserves and glow naturally as you become a better version of yourself. 

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