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Olivia Palermo Uses This Budget Product To Take Off Her Makeup!

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Olivia Palermo, the American socialite who became famous after her stint in the hit series The City, is a style inspiration for many. She has grabbed many a headline for her edgy beauty looks and impeccable sense of style. She has been voted the best-dressed American more times than we can count. So when she shares a beauty secret, we take note immediately!

And that’s what happened when Allure interviewed her recently. Though she admits that she gets her nails done every four days and manicures are sacred to her, she shares a tip we all can use. It’s no news that we shouldn’t sleep with our makeup on, but if you are one of those who do leave it on occasionally, you’re not alone.

However, Olivia says that there is no excuse to be lazy — all you need is Vaseline and cotton to clean your face. Yes! That’s all that our favourite social butterfly uses to remove her makeup every night. Sounds like a good trick, right? All you need to do is massage some vaseline on your face and clean it off with cotton. Then wipe your face with a lukewarm cloth or towel, and your skin will be squeaky clean again. We’re defs trying this tonight!


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