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Here’s The Reason Zahra Is Wearing Lip Gloss Again

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It’s no secret that lip gloss sales have been on the decline for the past few years. The once popular lippie trend of the early 2000s gave way to the rise of creamy, hydrating lipsticks that seemed more contemporary, before matte liquid lipsticks became all the rage and pretty much killed the market for glosses. To be sure, lip glosses can be incredibly high maintenance, have an annoying habit of smearing, and your hair will inevitably get stuck on it and make a gooey mess. What’s more, after a certain age you just don’t want to be caught dead wearing a gloss anymore.

However, even I’m adventurous enough to never say never every now and then. And thanks to NYX’s recent foray into India, I might just make room for lip glosses in my beauty arsenal once again. I’ve heard and read so much about NYX’s lipstick range over the years, that I was excited to try its super popular butter glosses as soon as the brand went online on Nykaa.


Nyx Butter Gloss Angel Food Cake_Inpost_Hauterfly

NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake


I copped myself a bunch of products from the line, including the Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake — a rosy nude shade that looks really nice on my pale complexion — and let me tell you I’m totally in love with it! True to its name, the gloss is buttery soft and goes on super smooth. What’s more, it smells so delicious — like vanilla and cheesecake and everything nice — that you’re almost tempted to eat it. Now, for the best part: it’s actually not a true gloss and feels more like liquid lipstick. The coverage is sheer to medium and has a moisturising finish, which is such great news for my perennially parched lips.

The texture is actually hydrating and non-sticky, which means it’s super comfortable to wear. I got about 3 hours of wear from it, but you will have to reapply it after meals because it doesn’t really last. However, these little glosses are so addictive, that I’m actually considering getting myself some more shades now (help!).

As with any lippie, you can wear it as is, with a lip liner, or over your favourite lipstick for a dash of shine. In all honesty, these cruelty-free products are a seriously addictive budget buy, and with names modelled after desserts, you’re definitely going to want to go back in for seconds!

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