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Who Needs Multiple Piercings When You Have This New Tattoo Trend?

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Aren’t tiny tattoos the cutest? When they first started trending, we all rushed to get a teeny little pineapple or palm tree on various parts of our bodies. Well, they’re hot again, but only on a specific spot on your body. Known as a helix tattoo, it involves getting some permanent ink on the rim of your ear.


Obviously it takes away the need to get a piercing on that spot, but you can be damn sure the pain will possibly be the same, or maybe even more. Here’s what you’ll see if you hunt for #HelixTattoo on Instagram.


Abstract lines in close proximity are minimal and always a great idea! They’re not too in-your-face and definitely add some edge to the rim of your ear.


There are a bunch of different ways in which people have been doing dots and lines.


And it’s as popular with men as it is with women!


But most people have been getting a lavender stem going up the side of their ear.


Or even a long vine of leaves, like this one!


You’ve got to admit, it’s a great spot for a tattoo. It’s barely visible, you yourself can’t see it, so there’s no fear of getting sick of it.


And just think of how fantastic it will look when you’ve paired it with your earrings!


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