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New In The Hood: Products We Are Loving This Week

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January is a month when things start looking up- generally. 2020 was a bit of a confusing year, so  we didn’t know what to expect from 2021. Yet, 2021 has me hopeful. And I can’t be the only one. Okay, maybe I am just a very optimistic person, okay?

Anyway, this year is also the one where I see skincare coming back into fashion, or wait, staying in fashion. Multi-tasking products being the order of the day and OTT platforms will continue to be our best friends, occupying a majority of our weekends.

And we sense that brands are recognising this and placing their bets on skincare products that really perform. And here’s a list of the products that are tried, tested and have really worked for us.



Clinique is a brand that has been about skincare for a long, long time. But the last few years, their innovations have really caught my eye. I especially enjoy base and catridge combination which works at several levels to give you clear skin. It does this by actually personalising your skincare to you. For example, the latest release from the brand is called Hydrating Clearing Jelly Anti-Imperfections Base which comes with the goodness of salicylic acid. This helps cell turnaround so your skin is rid of bumps and is clearer and softer.



This brand was on my to try list for a long time. Granted, the products look a lot like The Ordinary but this one is homegrown and I was excited to give this a whirl. And it did not disappoint. The Niacinamide and Zinc serum quickly became my favourite. I really like how hydrating this is and how it literally sinks into my skin. I also got the 2% Retinoid serum which is interesting and I have been careful using it but the texture is…I don’t know. I am going to take some more time on this and get back to you on the efficacy of the product.


Simply Nam

This is a makeup wipe from Simply Nam, a brand started by makeup artist to the stars – Namrata Soni. For starters, the wipe is extremely soft. The kind that you would want to cuddle with. You simply drench it, wring out the extra water and then use it to wipe off your makeup. I really liked how soft this was but it does take some time to fully take off your makeup. But if you’ve been partial to disposable makeup wipes, this one is a definite upgrade, one that’s environment-friendly. Of course, it doesn’t nuke your makeup instantly and requires going over multiple times, but if you’re gentle, it should work out just fine.

Cameleo footwear


Cameleo Strap Sandals

If you’re aren’t a shoe fiend and like to use your footwear till the soles give up out of sheer exhaustion, then Cameleo is for you. The strap sandals come with changeable straps so you can switch them up as and when required. You know, if you need them to match an outfit. We particularly enjoyed this discovery and most of the people we’ve shown them to have been intrigued as well.



Forest Essentials

The luxury Ayurvedic brand forayed into colour cosmetics and their tinted lip serums…are just lip smacking. They smell delicious – I am partial to the rose one- and goes a a good job of hydrating the lips. Now I am not sure if everyone else has experienced this, but my lips also felt fuller and plumper if only for about 2 mins. Overall, I have really enjoyed the tinted lip serums and the fragrance made my experience better.

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