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This New Beauty Tool Will Make Your Beauty Blender Redundant

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So as a beauty junkie, what is the worst thing that you come across while dealing with your makeup? No, we aren’t counting the endless times you almost broke your eye shadow palette or lipstick *cue the dramatic gasp*. We are talking about wastage — us makeup lovers like to use every ounce of the product we purchase. After all, in each drop lies every penny that we’ve happily splurged on and if we absolutely love the product, each milliliter has our heart and soul wrapped around it. So how does it feel when a makeup sponge soaks in almost half of the product that is meant for your beautiful face? AWFUL, that’s right! The iconic, world-renowned beauty blender might work wonders in blending the liquid or cream on to your face, but if you look down at your blob-shaped sponge, the amount of product that gets soaked in is heartbreaking.



Cue this new miracle tool! The Sili Sponge, which looks rather much like a silicone bra insert or a tiny boob implant, is a makeup applicator that allows for an even application, without wasting any product. Hong Kong-based cosmetic brand Molly Cosmetics has come up with an ingenious idea which saves us money and, most importantly, saves us our product! One of the biggest disasters I face with my Beauty Blender is when I have to clean it! No matter what I do, it never gets squeaky clean — but obviously, as it is a sponge. Due to its smooth and non-porous surface, the Sili Sponge is super easy to clean, as the little residual product glides off easily with water. How awesome is that?



Unfortunately the product isn’t available in India (you have me sold Sili Sponge…you have me sold!), however it is available online in the U.S.. Although I must add, it is currently only available on pre-order due to its high demand — and why not? So if you are dropping by the U.S. or your favourite aunt is visiting from there, and you’re as much of a makeup junkie as I am, I’d suggest buying this piece and, if you’re nice enough, buy one for a fellow friend too! *hint: me* After all, it is Christmas season, y’all.


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