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Namrata Soni Spills 5 Pro Beauty Tips She Can’t Live Without

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She’s one of the biggest names in makeup, and has worked her magic on the likes of Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha. Namrata Soni now has her own academy. So when we heard about the Myglamm masterclass with her, we jumped at it! I mean, if there was a minuscule chance to get wings that could draw blood like Sonam Kapoor’s, I am game. And so I made my way to Spa La Vie by L’occitane for the launch of Myglamm’s new eye products.

Before the masterclass, we caught up with Namrata Soni for a quick chat, and got her to spill a few makeup tips that could help you with your everyday makeup. Read on to know more.

Turn to tinted moisturiser

For the hot summers, when you don’t want makeup melting off your face, your best bet is a BB or a CC cream, or a tinted moisturiser. Don’t have one? Namrata says two drops of foundation in your moisturiser, and you can cheat your way around this.

face mist

Good skin? Hydrate!

‘Having lots and lots of water is the key to great skin, which is super important for makeup to look good,’ says Namrata. Also, let your skin breathe, don’t cake it up in an attempt to hide the unsightly marks. Well, okay. *puts down concealer*

Skin issues? Go to the dermat!

We are tempted to pop pimples. To vigorously scrub our face, to get rid of dead skin, and slather on lots of lotion to moisturise really dry skin. But that’s not the best. ‘Go to the dermat, don’t try and fix it yourself,’ says Namrata. Sigh. *drags feet to dermat*


Sunscreen is a must

You cannot skip it. This is non-negotiable! We said it here before, but now Namrata Soni is also saying it. Sunscreen is a must, and there’s simply no dodging it.

Out of ideas? Here’s a go-to look!

‘The classic winged liner and bold red lip. That’s the look I tend to fall back on. In fact, it’s something that works with almost everybody,’ says Namrata. If you think you can’t do the bold lip and winged liner, this celebrity makeup artist just threw your notion out of the window!


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