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Here’s A Lowdown On The Nail Trends For The Festive Season. They Are All Gorgeous

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I am an out and out nail person. I love my manicures like some countries love their dictators. Apologies for including a completely random political statement there but then again, it needed to be said. Anyhoo, I love my nails. I am the kind of woman who freaks out when her polish starts to chip and will, painstakingly, take off all the polish off ALL the fingers before it can start to look like the nails have received no love for a while. I invest dedicatedly in my manicures and pedicures, and will search the nooks and crannies of Mumbai to find a nail salon that will deliver to my exacting standards. Oh, don’t roll your eyes, it’s a real thing. Like you want polish to cover your nail but not the tiny bit of cuticle. That’s just how it is. No, you’re nitpick-y. So, when the invite to try out a nail salon came along, I practically lunged at it, scraping my knee and getting a bump on my forehead. Maybe I am being a little dramatic but these things happen. The nail salon, which I am glad I was excited about is 1010 The Nail Salon, which finally came to Mumbai from Delhi.

Tina Talwar, spoke to me about the salon and the services they offer and I got into a conversation with her about the nail trends for this season. And as a lover of all things nails, I was enamoured.

Ombre Nails

These have been in fashion for a while and we can see why. People are picking and throwing shade with these nails colours that go from dark to light towards the tips. Tina said people were picking high shine, colourful hues but pastels are highly requested as well.

Classic French With A Twist

The French manicure continues to be a favourite (I personally love it as well) but it’s being served up with a twist. Think vibrant edges, neons and more. We love this one because it can actually hide the haldi stains that threaten to ruin a good French manicure.

Web Designs

Maybe Halloween is a year round favourite. I am not sure what the draw is here but apparently webbed designs on the nails have lots of takers. Hey, I am not saying it, Tina is and she really knows.

Big, Chunky Glitter

If you love yourself some bling, this season is great to indulge yourself. Yes, glitter has always been in but now big, chunky glitter on your nails is having its day under the sun. Feel free to go all out and shine on, like a crazy diamond.

Nail Ornaments

If chunks of glitter are still too tame for you, worry not. One of the season’s biggest trends this year is nail ornaments. You can add dimantes, rings, roses, the works. And apparently, this sticks around till your next manicure appointment. Wait, what? *books herself an appointment at 1010 The Nail Salon* Check out their page here.

What will you be wearing this season?


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