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#BudgetBeauty: Best Nail Polish Removers Under Rs 100!

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There are two types of people in the world: the ones who love their nails and will make time for manicures in a busy schedule, carefully pick a nail polish, and keep them in shape all the time (that’d be me!); and others who couldn’t care how much dirt their nails are gathering, how many chips are making an appearance, and how the nail polish they applied three weeks ago is still languishing on their nails.

Both kinds of people, however, will be able to appreciate the importance of having a nail polish remover handy. And you need one that does the job quickly and efficiently. For nail polish fiends, removers also can’t be too harsh on the skin, and take off all the polish without leaving residual colour. So we put together a list of budget-friendly nail polish removers that do that job and do it really well.



Lakmé Nail Color Remover with Vitamin E (Rs 80)

Long before specialised nail products made their debut in the Indian market, this ubiquitous nail polish remover was a household staple. This nail colour remover takes off nail polish well, but you may need to really drench the cotton round in the product for more stubborn polish. It’s been a favourite. It does have acetone though.



Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes (Rs 95)

Move over, cotton rounds, Kara wipes are here. if you’re looking to take a polish remover when you are travelling or something that’s easy to lug around, this is your best bet. Polish comes off in a jiffy, each wipe is saturated with remover so you can work an entire hand with just one. The fragrance is pleasant and nothing spills. We love!



Nykaa Dual-Tone Nail Enamel Remover (Rs 99)

This one has two separate layers! Think of it like a micellar water but for your nails — you have to shake the bottle before you use it! You’ll need a lot of it to work as it seems to evaporate quite quickly, but it does the job. Especially if you’re struggling with glitter nail polish. That’s the real test, anyway.



Faces Fragrant Nail Polish Remover (Rs 68)

If everyone can always tell when you’ve put on polish or taken it off because your room needs some airing from the strong odour, this could be a great replacement. This nail polish remover from Faces is gently fragrant without being overpowering and still does the job of taking off polish efficiently.



Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Color Remover (Rs 72)

This one comes enriched with Vitamin E and keeps your nails from looking dry. We also like how quickly it took off our dark nail colours, as it was quite the challenge. It can be a little harsh, so you don’t want too much of the product with this remover.


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