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8 Cute Nail Art Ideas To Try For Valentine’s Day

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Beauty is in the details. And one of my pet peeves is seeing girls with shabby nails. While I don’t think bare nails mean anything dramatic — like having given up on life or not giving a damn about vanity — but I certainly believe they deserve some primping for important events like a big date night. Which is why I’ve found some kickass tutorials lined up for you girls.

Here are 8 cute nail art ideas to try for Valentine’s Day.


1. Pastel Hearts

The key to nailing this look is picking pastel nail colours that flatter your skin tone. Since the hearts are drawn freehand, you can use a toothpick or the edge of a bobby pin to draw it. Make sure you don’t use big blobs of nail polish to draw the hearts because they won’t dry properly, and you’ll run the risk of ruining your manicure.


2. Vintage Rose Nail Art

My bestie is a pro at nail art, and I absolutely love the rose manicures she does often. This nail art tutorial is my most favourite, probably because it has a little bit of everything. There’s my favourite element — the rose — and that vintage powder blue base is to die for, so is the pale gold shimmer accent nail. The tiny white polka dots add just the right amount of fun to your nails. This entire look is a major throwback to the 70s, which BTW is my favourite era.


3. With Lots of Love

Simple and easy to do, I think anyone can DIY this nail art idea at home. If you are really clumsy, you can give the cursive “love” a miss, but I really think you should give it a shot. I’m not totally sold on the pastel pink-on-red combination though. Maybe a beige base with cherry red hearts would look better?


4. Ombre Hearts

Ombre is one of the easiest ways to amp up a basic mani. All you have to do is swipe a few rows of nail polishes on a cosmetic sponge, dab it all over your nails, clean the edges and voila! you’re done. These ombre hearts are the easiest nail art one can ask for. Just grab some cello tape and you’re sorted.


5. Hearbeat Nail Art

What’s Valentine’s Day without a healthy dose of hearts, right? But have you considered getting hearbeat nail art instead? I love the mosaic heart on the accent finger. If it’s too much trouble, chuck the mosaic bit and go for a solid coloured heart instead.


6. Stripes and Strokes

Although I love all three nail art ideas in this video, the first is my favourite of the lot. The dotted heart in the third idea looks very pop art-ish and pretty. It’s worth giving a shot if you’ve got steady hands!


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