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#MyQuarantineLook: I Did A Smokey Eye With Nude Lips And Here Are The Products I Used

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The other day I was scrolling through my Instagram and I realised that I actually like makeup. Even though it was something as basic as a liner or lipstick, it had my heart.  It’s been quite some time that I have addicted to makeup and am not afraid to play around with colours or new looks. While we are quarantined and can’t get enough of these 4 walls I see every day of my life, I thought why not play around with makeup a little?

I decided to do a series called #MyQuarantineLook where I create multiple looks every alternate day. You can totally try these at home! Today, we are going to start off with a smokey eye look. Smokey eye is really tricky and trust me when I say this that I couldn’t pull it off for the longest time. I always ended up looking like a panda. But this time I finally managed to do it! The following are the products I  have used and if you don’t have these you can always use something that’s remotely close to the product.

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Primer is the first and for me, it’s the most important step before you start applying makeup on the face. If you don’t use primer,  then I suggest that you start applying primer as it keeps your makeup in place. I personally love the Honey Dew Me Up primer by NYX mainly because it has tiny specks of gold suspended in it (I don’t think they’re real, calm down) and that the formulation of this product is amazing. It settles well in my skin and doesn’t become sticky as well.

This is the only foundation I have in my vanity and I swear by this. I pump a little at the back of my hand, use my fingers to dab it on my face and then use my beauty sponge to spread it across my face. Make sure that you also use the foundation on your lips for your lipstick to pop. You can obviously use your shade of foundation and obviously, one that you’ve lying around right now.


I then applied the NYX photogenic concealer in the shade 03 Light as an eye primer and used the first shade from the Huda Beauty Ruby palette as the base. You initially would want to start off with a light shade and then move on to darker shades.

Then I used ‘Oh, That’s Rich’ at the outer corner of the eye to get that smokey look and then filled the lid with ‘Fluent In Diamonds’ for that perfect smokey eye look. I didn’t have a black shade to try so instead I used the chocolate brown shade in this palette. You can always opt for black or any other darker shade for smokey eyes.


Okay, I think I am huge Wet N Wild addict because I have been using this concealer since forever and it’s still not over. I use the shade Medium Tawny and let me tell you that this conceals E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. But just out of fun I mixed it with my NYX concealer and it worked even better. It absolutely made my dark circles disappear. So, if you have a lighter shade then I’d suggest that use a tad bit of it so you don’t look completely white and pale.

I am honestly obsessed with this blush. I feel I will end up finishing this during the quarantine itself. This just doesn’t work as a blush but also as a highlighter at the same time. I didn’t even have to apply a highlighter after this. It single-handedly did the job of two. You can always experiment by mixing the blush and the highlighter to get the same results. I haven’t tried it, but you don’t have anything better to do rn anyway. 😛

I will admit that the dramatic liner was a beautiful accident. I was going for my usual length of the wings but somehow it stretched and looked even better. I used my eyeliner brush to make the wings because my hands were too shaky to use the wand. Since then, I have been using this one eyeliner brush only.

To complete my look, I used the Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick in the shade Self-starter. It’s best to use a lighter shade on the lips when doing a smokey eye so it doesn’t take away the attention from all hard work you put in to create the perfect smokey eye look. So this is what #MyQuarantineLook looks like, do share yours with us as well 🙂

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