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Multi-Masking: Everything You Need To Know About This Beauty Trend

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You’ve heard of multi-tasking, and have long conceded that this would be something other people are good at. Plus, you don’t want to attempt anything so complicated. So when you hear of multi-masking, we can imagine your reservations are plenty. Obviously because you think this would require you to juggle a couple of masks, brushes and towels, and you don’t want to work out today. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Or shall we say, masked?

Let’s get down to basics first.

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What is multi-masking?

So, multi-masking is when you use different masks for the different parts of your face depending on the concerns of that area. That sounds, well, highly scientific. It isn’t. It’s pretty simple.

Not every part of your face has the same issue. I can see you nodding along, so you get it, right? For example, your T-zone tends to get oily, the cheeks play host to massive acne explosions, and your nose is inundated with blackheads who are threatening to move in permanently. So, no, one mask probably won’t do the trick. Hence, multi-masking.

You can use a mattifying/clarifying mask for the oily bits, a detoxifying for the blackhead-laden areas and a calming one for the acne-troubled cheeks. You get all the benefits of masking without further aggravating any area. This is starting to sound real good, huh?

Wait a minute, is this a gimmick by skincare companies to get us to buy more masks? Maybe a teensy-weensy bit. But we do see the merit in the argument. Which brings us to the how. While it sounds pretty easy (we broke it down for you!), there are a few things to keep in mind before you go slathering it on.

1. Be squeaky clean

Before you get masking, multi or otherwise, make sure your skin is cleansed and devoid of makeup. It makes every product perform better!

2. Be a stickler for identification

It’s really important that you know and correctly identify the skincare concern of an area. You don’t want to load up on a nourishing mask if your skin is dry. You probably want to detox first.

3. Tailor swift

Pay attention to what your skin is telling you. Yes, your cheeks are normally dry but if summer is coming along and they tend to oily, you want to use a mask on the cheeks that will help with the oiliness and mattify the area. Tailor your masks to your concern.

We are going to be multi-masking over the weekend. You?


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