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I Used Only Moroccanoil Products On My Hair For 30 Days, And Here Are The Results!

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Most hair experts suggest that you stick to products from within a brand family, and I’ve always suspected this is a massive conspiracy by all the cosmetic biggies plotting to take away my hard earned monies. But after turning my hair into an IRL nest after a series of colouring experiments, I began to wonder if there was a cure for my super dry, damaged, frizzy curls. After playing around with more products than my poor beauty closet can hold (and failing more often than not), I began to get a bit bummed out.

I mean, there really is no way to feel amazing when your hair feels like straw, no matter how well you dress. Luckily for me (yeay, Hauterfly!), we were recently sent Moroccanoil’s range of products and I jumped for joy, and slyly seized the products, before any one else could!

A lot has been written about the Moroccanoil range. The brand has, after all, been around for 10 years and has become a cult product of sorts. In the interest of science and beauty, I decided to conduct a month-long experiment and test out whether using the entire Moroccanoil range could help my poor locks. I washed and conditioned my hair every 3 days, and I topped up with the oil treatment whenever the frizzy-wizzies reared their ugly head (this would usually happen on the day of washing my hair and the next day).

My dream team consisted of the best-selling Moisture Repair Shampoo + Conditioner, and the OG cult Moroccan Treatment. I also didn’t use any heat/styling products on my hair for the duration of the experiment.

Week 1: 

Going into the experiment, I didn’t expect any immediate miracles, but I must admit that the results after week 1 of using the products were meh, for lack of a better word. Sure, the treatment oil helped smooth the frizz, but it didn’t work any particular miracles.

Although my hair looked amazing after washing and conditioning, a few hours in, my frizz would be back, which is normal in my case. I may sound like a drama queen, but I feel like the quality of my hair would steadily decline into a ball of frizz as the hours passed. The shampoo and conditioner smell amazing, but did not have any lasting effects on manageability, nor did they abate the dryness. Oh, well, I persisted.

Week 2: 

My hair finally started coming around after about 15 days of use. It started feeling a bit more nourished and less frazzled. The treatment oil started delivering on some of its promises and worked on weighing the frizz down with its rich moisture.

I found that my curls were less tangled and dare I say, my hair was less straw-like. My hair was still coarse and dry (no doubts about that), but it seemed softer to the touch. The dry frizziness would only show up on day 2 after a hair wash, which is WAY better than my hair has ever behaved.

Week 3: 

My hair finally decided to give in to the products and calm the f*ck down, come week 3. I think my frizz sensed my frustration, but that’s just between you and me. I could really see the difference on my usual halo of frizzy flyaways, with the amount of static hair decreasing with the use of the Moroccanoil Treatment. Of course, the frizz didn’t completely disappear but I attribute that to the humidity caused by the Mumbai monsoons.

My hair condition would visibly improve after every wash, and I began to feel like I had smoother hair. I also noticed a shine in my hair that I’d never seen before. Wait, what? Is that my damage being repaired? Miracles never cease to amaze.

Week 4:

The last week made me a bonafide convert. The dramatic difference in my hair within a month of dedicated use has made me an advocate! Sure, my hair is still dry, but the coarseness had reduced greatly, something that prompts me to randomly play with my hair again!

I’m not saying the Moroccanoil range is a miracle sent down from the gods of great hair, but I will admit that my hair is in better form than it has been in a long, long time. I would blindly repurchase the Moroccanoil Treatment. Not only did it give my hair a much-needed dose of moisture, which my hair happily drank up, but it also helped increase shine and manageability.

On the flip side, my friend who has normal, fine hair tried out the oil, and was horrified by how flat and telu she looked. Oh well, you can’t please everyone and their mother now, can you?

An unexpected but totally welcome by-product was that my hair fall reduced, but I assume that comes with the territory of hair that’s more manageable, with brushing becoming less of a tug of war. I’d also repurchase the conditioner since it did nourish my hair a great deal, but I’m still on the fence about buying such an expensive shampoo.

You can purchase Moroccanoil products on Nykaa.


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