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Skincare Expert Gives You The Lowdown On Surprising Monsoon Skincare Mistakes You Could Be Making

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Monsoon isn’t just about stocking up on cute gumboots and umbrellas! You see the clouds come rolling around, the days starting to get gloomier and you start worrying about getting your chai. But what no one warns you about is how the weather is going to wreak havoc on your skin. Our beauty routines are usually not prepped for it. The truth of the matter is, while humidity is overall good for our skin, the upkeep of it has to be tweaked when the rains start to pour. We got in touch with Dr Aneesh Sheth, a part of the creative team behind the line of vegan skincare brand Dr Sheth’s.

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Keeping away from any harsh chemicals and toxins, Dr Sheth’s uses a combines approach of Ayurveda, botanicals and western medicine to create their innovative products. They also do crisp and informative bites on their social media for any skin related questions!

They also took the time out to answer some of our pressing monsoon skin care concerns as well, and here’s what we learned from the experience.

How Monsoon Affects Our Skin Type

Our skin lies on a broad spectrum of texture, quality and the kind of care needed. According to Aneesh, both bacteria and fungus increase during monsoons (oh great!), so all skin types are likely to get more infections.
Dry Skin: For women with dry skin, hydrating should become a priority since humidity can hinder oil production.
Oily Skin: Women with oily skin are at an increased risk of infective acne since their faces can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.
Combination Skin: Since women with combination skin fall somewhere between, monsoon is a good time for them to experiment. A good moisturiser for dry patches, spot treatment to fight blemishes in their T-zone and different masks on different parts of the face helps!

The Worst Monsoon Skincare Mistakes

According to Aneesh, there can a lot of misconceptions surrounding skincare. Many people talk about sterilising the skin to fight infections but here’s the thing… skin cannot be sterilised. Women should not attempt to do so since constant disinfecting can lead to killing off the good bacteria. We should also steer clear of alcohol-based toners, which disrupt our skin’s natural balance. Some common mistakes we should keep in mind to avoid:

– Skipping the sunscreen, since clouds do not shield us against UV rays.

– Not properly drying our skin before we step out into the humidity.

– Slacking off on a skin routine just because “it’s not hot anymore”!

From Cleansing To Protection… How To Do Monsoon

There are some key changes our monsoon skincare routine needs to adopt.

Cleansing: Switch from cream cleansers to gel or clay-based products to curb the sweating caused by humidity.

Moisturising: Monsoon months require us to stick to moisturisers with non-comedogenic ingredients., especially oily and acne-prone skin.

Makeup: As far as makeup is concerned, monsoons should see more fresh faces, products with fewer oils and removal of any product from the face before going to bed.

Indulging: For added love, monsoon skin should see us investing in acid-based toners, they work really well to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores.

Fun Tricks/Tips/Hacks For Skin To Try This Monsoon!

Monsoon can be a time women can use clay and acid-based masks, as they are not so sensitive as compared to the cooler months. He also suggests women actively look out for ingredients like AHAs, BHAs, squalane and sulphur in their beauty products.

Get ready to beat those monsoon blues and stay pretty with healthy and glowing skin!


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