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Models Walked The Ramp With Full-Blown Acne At Men’s Fashion Week!

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Designers often try new concepts on the ramp in an attempt to make their work stand out. These attention-grabbing tactics can sometimes border on outrageous. However, the surprise element in Malaysian designer Moto Guo’s show at the Men’s Fashion Week in Milan had nothing to do with fashion. Instead, the designer sent his models down the runway in pastel outfits paired with faces covered in full-blown acne. We are so used to seeing models charging down the ramps with clear, flawless skin that this move was shocking and nothing short of radical.

And we’re not even talking about a pimple or two here. The models at Guo’s show had splotchy, flared up skin and rosacea; a far cry from the typical, fresh-faced beauty we’re so used to seeing on models. It’s not clear if the splotchy faces were natural or enhanced with makeup. Either way, Guo’s message definitely came across loud and clear.


Although the makeup artists at the show shared pictures of the models with captions that read “Pimples are stylish” and “Pimples and rashes are in fashion now”, that hardly seems to be the designer’s intent. Skin conditions like acne and rosacea are real problems and affects millions of people, and that there’s nothing to hide about them.

His point is clear: it’s ok to have these issues and be unafraid of showing them. We’ve been so conditioned to cover up and conceal blemishes, that Guo’s move is important because it just highlights the reality so many struggle with. I welcome the bold move as it challenges the beauty standards in the fashion industry.


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