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Is Bollywood Finally Catching Up To Representation Of Curly Hair On Screen? Mithila Palkar Thinks So!

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It is an exciting time in the world of entertainment. With fashion and beauty industries becoming more inclusive, cinema has kept up as well or at least is trying to. While we still have much longer strides to make, Bollywood seems to be catching up on the representation of real women on screen as well. And one of the great ways we are seeing this happen is that actresses are being more real. So if they have curly hair, it’s not being straightened to perfection. Many real women have unruly curls… which we are finally seeing a lot on screen!

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A celebrity synonymous with beautiful curly hair is Mithila Palkar, who in a recent interview confirmed our view on leading ladies with ‘mad’ hair as well.

In a recent interview, the young starlet revealed how her curly mane is an asset, instead of a liability for filmmakers these days. On questioned whether she has ever been asked to straighten her hair, she said, “Never. In fact, most directors I have worked with have vehemently opposed the notion of getting my hair straightened as well. So, in a way I feel my curly hair has got me a lot of attention and I don’t mind it. I love the fact that my hair has a life of its own,”. Although, she doesn’t have any qualms to committing to a character. “I have no apprehension over cutting my hair”, she said.

The actress also revealed an age-old homegrown tip on maintaining her hair. She revealed, “She (her grandmother) would always advise me to oil my hair regularly as it provides the necessary nourishment. I honestly believe that nourishment comes before styling, so nothing beats a good old hot oil ‘champi’. Having said that, since each of us has different hair and style preferences, the choice of hair products is critical. Make an informed selection of what really works for your hair,”.

Mithila’s revelation about directors wanting to show her natural hair on screen is quite refreshing. We are, in fact, seeing a lot of this unruly mane on our leading ladies recently. Katrina was transformed into a softly curled lass for Bharat…

…and Taapsee Pannu was given the freedom to keep her hair untouched on screen for Badla. While we do understand actresses like Taapsee and Kangana Ranaut wanting to keep their natural curls intact for movie roles, we do wish to see more of unaltered manes on other actresses as well. Real women have imperfect hair, so let’s see more of that on screen, shall we?

Mithila Palkar was recently seen with Abhay Deol in Chopsticks, playing on Netflix right now, check out the trailer for the quirky below:


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