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5 Messy Bun Tutorials You Need To Try

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The beauty of a messy bun is the fact that you can make it as casual as you like, or even wear it formally. It can be messy enough to bum around in, or just right to have at an elegant wedding party. Since it’s one of those styles you can practically wear to any kind of event, knowing how to do it right is a pretty important skill (yes, I have my priorities set straight).

Since I’m one of those people who spends all her free (and working) hours on Instagram, I found a few styles that are easy and elegant to replicate. So next time you’re just meeting a few friends, heading to an important meeting or even attending a cocktail party, these won’t let you down.

Keep scrolling and don’t forget to press play!

1. It doesn’t get simpler than this one. Just make sure you have a hair donut and a rubber band (it’s optional) — that’s pretty much all it takes to create this look. The flicks of hair on the sides give it that carefree look without making it look too messy.


2. All you need to nail this look is two thick braids from the sides of your head. Once you tie them together at the back of your head, you can just twist and tie it into a messy knot. Cute, right?


3. This one takes about 5 minutes to do but you could totally wear it to any kind of event, don’t you agree? Just make sure you loosen the twists and the braids enough to give it a worn-in look.


4. Divide your hair into three sections — two thin ones in front, and the rest at the back. Braid the back and roll it up. Pin it to secure it. Once that’s done, curl the other two sections and loosely pin them to the bun at the back. Easy-peasy!


5. You’re basically tying your hair into two giant knots to create something simple and messy, but still super chic.


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