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Melania Trump Asked About The Mud-Pack Treatment At Agra’s Taj Mahal. She’s Taking Care Of Her Skin. We Find Out What She Does

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Most of the times, with the kind of a job that I have, the way I look for news ia to scour the social media and internet for what is currently the talk of the town. But on other days, the ones where no effort needs to be put in to finding out what is trending because it is literally being shoved in your face from every direction, we find ourselves in a similar fix as the only thing that is taking over the internet and every conversation at the moment is the maiden trip of US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melanie Trump to our country. And while most have their eyes set on the rather infamous president Trump mispronouncing names of legends and making little to no sense, we were more focused on Melania Trump and her interest in a certain mud pack.

Not trying to sound distant or disinterested from the politics of this country, but as the feminist in us violently disregards the visit and words of Donald Trump, we try to look at the silver lining here and uncover more about the First Lady Melania and her impeccable beauty routine that has her looking absolutely ravishing even in her late 40s. After having recently visited the one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, Melania was found to be curious about the mud pack treatment that it had to offer.

At 49, the wife of the 45th President of The United States of America, has glowing skin and now that we know that she has an interest in the kind of mud pack treatments we had to offer her in Agra, we thought we would dig a little deeper to find out her beauty secrets.

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Sleep Cycle

It is a well-proven fact that the rest and sleep play an important role in making our skin glow. Sources suggest that Melania is an  early riser who wakes up at 5:30 am every morning, She is always keen on having early mornings and early nights, that allow her to rest well and be charged up for the day!

Healthy Eating

I am often told that whatever we put in our body is usually dictates how we look on the outside, and that is why the reason we’re always asked to keep away from junk and move to greens and fruits, because they tend to nourish us and our skin more than any product. Melanie too, believes in the same and has a staunch routine of eating at least 7 pieces of fruit every day, with enough vitamin packed smoothies, all the while relying on a diet of antioxidants and organic ingredients. No wonder that skin glows from a mile away!

Skin Hydration

Making sure to hydrate both her skin and her body with enough oxygen infused moisturisers and at least with an intake of 7 glasses of water, Melania says healthy living is the key to her beauty. Using a refreshing Vitamin C tonic, and then the oxygen cream infused with vitamins A, C, and E on her face after washing it in regular intervals, the First Lady is keen and strict in taking care of her skin.

Regular Workout

Linking both her fitness and beauty routine, Melania also makes sure she is working out well and regularly and letting her skin not only breathe and sweat but also ensures she stays fit and and looking fresh with enough workouts and other low-impact exercises.

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