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Get Flawless Matte Skin With This Korean Makeup Technique

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We aren’t questioning the fact that water is necessary for cleansing your skin — I am pretty sure there’s no denying it, but when you tell us splashing H2O in order to keep your makeup matte is a legit technique…it baffles us! Invented by none other than the Koreans (they’re geniuses when it comes to beauty, we are aware), Jamsu is basically dunking your face in water in order to get that matte finish. You’d think that drowning your face in any form of liquid after applying your makeup would put all your effort in vain. Not according to this. So how does it work? Once you’re done with applying your bases, bake (yes, another raved-about technique) your face with some translucent or baby powder. Dab on a little more than usual — you will look a little ghastly, but it prepares you for what’s coming next.

Plunge into the matte look by dunking your face for about 30 seconds in cool water and then dry it off. Yes, this is done with your primer, concealer, foundation, powder…everything on. I have heard of Marilyn Monroe doing this as part of her nighttime skincare regime, but not as a makeup setting technique. It’s not only mattifying, but also keeps your makeup smudge-free for a while!

We do know that this might be quite a strange way to keep things intact, but hey…the world of beauty is full of surprises, so why not give it a go?

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