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What Is The Most Googled Beauty Term Of 2017?

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Google has just released the fact that the most ‘Googled’ beauty term of 2017, so far, is ‘masking’. And we can’t help but agree.

All we’ve been seeing all over our feeds is this skincare phenomenon. We’ve all tried a face mask at one or another point in our lives, but we think it’s time to make that a regular situation.

Beauty bloggers and celebrities are discovering and sharing all sorts of mask secrets with us. This year alone, we’ve seen a rise in the use of sheet masks, magnet masks, peel-off masks, and more. A lot of Korean skincare mask secrets are finally being used by men and women the world over.

Let’s take a look at some of the craziest mask trends.

1. Black/Charcoal Mask

This one completely removes peach fuzz, blackheads, and dead skin that sits on top of your face. While it can’t be used too often, once week or so, it’s a great treatment. Of course, this can be really harsh on your skin, so use it at your own risk.



2. Magnet Masks

This has a similar effect as the charcoal mask, but is touted to work far better and hurt far less.



3. Sheet Masks

This trend has been around for a while now, but it looks like its here to stay. In fact, it’s only growing.


Sephora Collection Sheet Mask (Rs 500)*

*Available at Sephora stores across India


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🦁🦁🦁 Did you guys know that @mediheal_official also have foil masks now? I got both the #Waterful in silver, and #Whiteful in Gold. On me I have on the 【Mediheal AirGuard Foilab Mask Waterful】 . First thing first, do note that this mask does not come with a protective film so the sheet that you take out is indeed the sheet mask already. The outer layer (foil) is a 'TPU film', the middle layer has got Silver Pearl Powder, while the last layer – the layer that lies on your skin – is a soft cotton material. This mask adheres well on the skin and not as stiff as I thought it would be, but not as comfy as what you would feel with a hydrogel or cotton sheet mask. Acceptable to say the least. . In terms of effect, the hydration was decent. But what draws me to this mask is that it contains 70% Bifida Ferment Filtrate (and that IS the first ingredient on the list)! So I am going to keep using this for its brightening, moisturizing and healing benefits! Also, swipe right and check out the ingredient list!

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4. Foil Masks

Here’s another type of mask that’s typically expensive because it usually uses gold or silver in its foiling. VS Angels used gold 24 Karat masks to replenish their skin before they walked the ramp last year.



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THE 1 MASK YOU NEED. For $12 its LIFE CHANGING and even makes you look thinner!! 😱😱😱 🙏🏾best for: DEEP cleansing, PORE shrinking, SKIN tightening, EYEBROW growing, skin GLOWING, ACNE MURDERING mask ever. You can literally FEEL it PULLING all the nasties out of your skin!! get it from amazon – Just search: INDIAN AZTEC HEALING CLAY 👇🏽ALL U NEED: ✅Calcium Bentonite Clay (i use dis everywhere! if u want 2 see other ways 2 use this – LIKE this VIDEO)👍🏾 ✅Apple Cider Vinegar (sensitive skin= just use water) I use ACV on my skin, in my hair, and I drink it everyday 🍦Mix until creamy – DONT USE METAL! The mask stops working with metal! 🍑Apply a thick layer to clean face – i like to go over my brows cuz it stimulates growth 🌬Let it DRY COMPLETELY – u can feel ur skin getting tight and your face will PULSE like a heartbeat. lol I look like the piggy from angry birds 💦Wash off w/ luke warm water 🍅ur skin will be RED like a TOMATO + feel really HOT – thats NORMAL! that means the mask worked + stimulated blood circulation 👶🏾ur skin will be BABY soft, pores will shrink, skin will be tight, and acne will disappear faster! ✌🏾Do this once every 2 weeks 👨🏾This is a dope mask for men 2! esp if you get ingrown beard hairs! WHY THIS IS THE BEST MASK OF ALL TIME🙌🏽🙌🏽 Calcium Bentonite Clay – is like a MAGNET. It pulls theimpurities out of ur skin. -Shrinks acne-its anti-bacterial -it eliminates OILY skin -unclogs pores – makes your face look thinner by sucking up excess sodium (sodium = water retention) -regenerates skin tissue to help it heal faster – healing skin = fresh new skin! Blood circulation = the besttttt -it has a negative charge so when you apply it to the skin it pulls out all the toxins which are positively charged -removes dead skin cells -lightens acne marks + scars -jam packed with silica to make skin super soft! Apple Cider Vinegar – restores pH levels in skin -helps reduce acne and keep skin clear -prevents skin damage -alpha hydroxy acids give you fresh new skin -fights wrinkles I shared this mask on my YT many years ago the OG's know whatsuppp. It's the best! Disclaimer: test patch first. Tag a friend youd do this with!!👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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5. DIY Masks

With words like natural and trends like Ayurveda making a comeback, a lot of beauty experts are leaning towards at-home masks to improve their skin and hair. If you’re too lazy to make one at home then opt for a natural, food-based mask and reap its benefits. These options are usually the best way to save money.



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