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Masaba Gupta Gave Us The Lowdown About Her Latest Beauty Launch And The Deets Are Yum!

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Christmas came in early this year! Masaba Gupta has been teasing us about a beauty line for a while and it’s finally dropped on Nykaa. First in line is a collection of 12 lipsticks and nail paints in complementary shades. These shades have been carefully crafted to suit all variety of skin tones and ages. We wanted to get a closer look at how this collection came into being. Who better to pick their brains about than Masaba herself? So we did!

Here’s what the cool contemporary designer had to say about her lips and tips collection!

Why Nykaa?

It is very important to find a good partner in a collab, especially if it’s a collection that’s made to stand out. Talking about her equation with Nykaa, Masaba revealed, “The collection has been in the making for two years now, so I’m very excited that the Collaboration finally happened. Nykaa is a homegrown brand that I’ve admired for a long time now. The fact that they are aspirational yet accessible at the same time, makes it the perfect platform for curating a make-up line.” She also confessed to always be interested in stepping into the beauty industry, Rihanna being of her beauty icons. We love Rihanna and we approve of that message! 

Masaba’s Vision To Stand Out

In her own words, Masaba said, “Firstly, we have created shades that flatter all the skin tones. The collection is a curation of functional shades that can be carried from night to day seamlessly. What makes the collection unique is the packaging, all the products feature all our fresh as well as my favourite iconic prints.”. We sure are excited to own her signature prints in our beauty box!

The Process

It takes a village to build a beauty line up from scratch! The creative process to curate this collection was both innovative and exciting! Masaba confessed, “Although the packaging personifies our brand with iconic as well as fresh prints, this collection was a completely new approach. We had to curate colours that girls can wear every day, and I had to tone down my wildness a notch. It was a challenging yet interesting process. We had a lot of fun playing with our prints, both old and new. It was exciting to see prints that were used on some of our garments come out as packaging, hence highlighting the USP of our collection. Multiple meetings were done to test swatches and to arrive at shades that will suit all skin tones.”. Cool!

Masaba’s Call For Inclusivity

One of the major themes of the collab has been inclusivity. Masaba explained, “The concept of inclusivity is very personal, I think. I have seen people take offence very fast, and what may be offensive to me may not be the case for the other person, and vice versa. Not everyone has a makeup artist at their disposal, and so, we made sure our collection is super inclusive. Every person has a different need, what looks like a nude on one person may look like a shade of brown on someone else. So, we have curated shades that will flatter all skin tones. I believe make- up should perhaps, only make you slightly better, and it shouldn’t be used as a place to conceal and hide.”, she elaborated. 

Masaba Unplugged!

It is extremely charming when a celebrity is willing to show their unfiltered side. Masaba named her incredibly stylish mom Neena Gupta as one of her inspirations. “When it comes to beauty, my mother believes less is more. She taught me to keep my face natural and just add a hint of a good lipstick as opposed to applying layers and layers of makeup every day.”, she confessed. The designer also knows the importance of the simple things when it comes to beauty. She revealed a very basic beauty practice as an essential, “Moisturizing! I make sure I moisturize my skin daily and cleanse it thoroughly before I go to bed. And face masks, I use a lot of masks to keep my skin fresh and hydrated. I cannot leave my house without the right shade of Lipstick”. 

The NykaaXMasaba collection is available on



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