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Malaika Arora’s BTS Shot Is Proof That We Are Obsessed With Armpits For All The Wrong Reasons!

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Beauty standards have always been subjective. From skin rituals to the extent of hair removal, women have been doing their own thing for ages. Fortunately for us, the millennial woman has ended up with a very exciting advantage… there are no more rules! More and more women are challenging beauty norms, established or not. They are doing what they want to do, with celebrities being at the forefront of this movement.

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Another celebrity to join this movement is Malaika Arora, who recently shared an unedited BTS shot from a photo shoot.

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While natural armpits are more and more visible in Hollywood and the international media, we think Indian audiences are missing out. That is exactly what led to Instagram trolls demanding that she “wax her armpit” and commenting on how “disgusting” it looks. While the comments on Malaika’s picture are too degrading to repeat here, we did spot one that goes beyond logic. “Girls will shape their eyebrows, wax their arms and legs but will flaunt unshaved underarms. I wonder why?”, a user said. Here’s the thing, we think it’s about time we stop obsessing over perfection, it doesn’t exist. Especially when it comes to how one chooses to groom certain parts of their body.

This incident reminds us of Priyanka Chopra getting trolled for her heavily photoshopped magazine cover, back in 2016.

This time, it was her overtly smooth armpits that got called out by her followers. PeeCee, in turn, posted a no-filter shot of her armpit, in the hope of ending the unnecessary debate.

The entire idea of female empowerment is to give women the freedom to do whatever they want with their bodies. A scruffy patch of armpit hair should not be getting people in such a tizzy; it’s 2019 already! Also, it’s rude to ask a woman to shave, period!


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