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Malaika Arora Reveals Why She’s Glowing Lately And It Has Nothing To Do With Facials And Skincare!

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As someone working in media, every day we see pictures of stars like Malaika Arora and Janhvi Kapoor stepping out of their gym sans makeup. And while we want to feel perfectly confident and all that, seeing their skin that looks fabulous without a stitch of makeup makes us really reconsider our life choices. I mean, what are they doing? Going for regular facials? Using beauty filters on their face? Tell me it’s not coz they are eating steamed broccoli all day because I can’t do that. Yes, it tastes like cardboard but also because there are pizza businesses around here that depend on me for their livelihood.

So, I know you want me to say there’s a shortcut to getting the kind of skin that puts Instagram influencers to shame, but there isn’t.  These stars do actually slowly chew on broccoli and their skin looks better because of it, but it could be plenty of other things too. And Malaika Arora said just that.

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Recently, in an interview, the actress was asked about how her skin looks so glow-y and she said, “I guess this comes from being in a good space, mentally, physically and emotionally. I would also say that it’s yoga and meditation. It has given me direction and understanding in life. I am in a space in my personal and professional lives which I am very happy about. That is what reflects on the inside and the outside.”

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So wait, what she’s saying is that we need to probably love our job, be active and exercise and have someone to love? What are these demands? First of all, who are these people who enjoy what they are doing? Secondly, these humans, how do they get out of bed and get their ass moving? Do these people live in another dimension? What is the deal? Maybe yoga I can do. *breathes in slowly two times, gets distracted by Instagram* Okay, maybe I can’t.

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But back to Malaika. The Chaiya Chaiya actress was in New York recently where she spent quality time with Arjun Kapoor, her bae. Who, by the way, is also responsible for that glow. Yes, love makes you look good, okay?

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The two only recently made it official – in real life and on Instagram- because they were worried about the backlash they would face. However, they announced it when they thought the media was being supportive.

Look, if we can look good from getting a boyfriend and being in a good space, then..who are we kidding? It’s not happening. *fervently swipes right on Tinder*


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