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Top 5 Makeup Trends Every Beauty Lover Must Know About

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It’s 2018, and like last year, inclusivity is probably going to be the biggest beauty conversation this year. With influencers of all colours, shapes and sizes embracing their heritage, and brands like Fenty Beauty launching over 40 shades of foundation, the future is looking as bright as ever!

So, as we slide our way into the new year, it’s time to look forward to makeup trends that are going to be big on runways, celebrities, and on the web. Here are 5 makeup trends that are going to be major this year, and not just that, these trends are for every kind of makeup lover out there!

1. Lipstick Bullets

Guess who’s back? The bullets are, of course! It’s time to start appreciating the good ‘ol creamy bullet lipstick formula. Kylie Cosmetics, Urban Decay, and a bunch of cult brands are back to launching lipstick bullets in gorgeous colours. So, this year won’t be all about ultra matte, gloss-lipstick hybrids, or lip paints. It’s time to get back to the basics.

2. Glitter Galore

Yes, glitter is here to stay. If the runways are any indication, makeup is going from glitter lipstick and eyeshadow to all kinds of glitter art: glitter highlighters, crystals, and rhinestones stuck on the lids, around the eyes, or the cheekbones. It’s about time, since we’ve been seeing this all over Instagram for a while now. I guess Spring / Summer 18 runways made it official.

3. Inner Corner Glow

Yup, this year’s going to be all about that inner corner glow. Lucky if you’re lazy, because the look is super easy to achieve. Celebs, insta baddies, and runways have been flaunting that dab of glowing highlighter or eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye. It opens up your eye and gives your face an ethereal glow. It’s literally the new highlight!

4. Rounded Wing

Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and plenty of runway shows featured rounded cat liner on their models. Liner is going to be big in 2018. Forget about subtle or thin wings. Go thick and in-your-face with eyeliner. Plus, if you have a hard time creating a sharp wing, a rounded wing will do just fine!

5. Japan-Inspired Beauty

It’s time to get over our K Beauty obsession and look to Japan. This year, we’re going to see a lot of Japanese beauty influences, whether it’s makeup or skincare. In fact, with the the focus on natural beauty, a lot of makeup will be minimal and involve fewer products, in true J Beauty style. Japanese cosmetic brands are going to gain major popularity this year.


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