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This Makeup Organisation Method Might Just Change Your Life!

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Marie Kondo, author of The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up and an immensely popular organisation consultant, started something of a cult with her efficient tips on organisation and decluttering. She’s got spring-cleaning advice for your entire home, so what’s a little makeup?

Followers say her methods have changed their lives, and some of you Type A personalities may already be acquainted with her ways. For me, my makeup vanity is my baby, and I leave no stone unturned when it comes to organising my makeup well. Plus, most of the time my makeup and skincare is on the go with me.

So let’s explore the KonMari (what her followers call her method) way of vanity organisation, and it might just change your life too!



First things first, the Japanese decluttering expert always asks her followers to ask themselves a question: “Does this bring you joy?” Put all your makeup in a big, messy heap and truly introspect. Yes, one BIG heap. Go from mess to no mess, that is the KonMari method. Let’s apply this to our makeup, shall we?



Once you’ve rid your vanity of things you don’t use or feel nothing towards, you will already start feeling much lighter. Now, it’s time to organise everything on open trays. That’s right! I have two big, easily accessible drawers filled with neat rows of acrylic containers that hold all my makeup.


For example, store brushes on your dresser or standing inside a closet in neat rows.

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Store your lipsticks and glosses in clear lipstick holders.

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Employ different boxes to fulfil your needs. Group things together by type, and then by colour. Kondo feels you will be drawn to items that look coherent together.

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And if there are certain makeup or skincare items that you’re lazy to screw shut, especially if you’re lazy, then empty them into containers that work for you. Plus that way, they’re easy to pack for travels. 

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Also, try organising things in order of use. So first primer, then foundation, then concealer, and so on. Get rid of what you’re not using. Be honest with yourself. And there you have it: the fastest way to decluttering, organising, and changing your life!



Isn’t that so satisfying? Just reference this video if you’re having a hard time. I’m going to go ahead and share a quick video of mine, where I employed this method. I didn’t explain too much, but you get the point by now.


DIY Makeup Storage – Easy & Simple

Please bear with me, shot this quick one on my phone for all of you who asked about how I organized my makeup… that's all there is to it. It's simple and easy vanity organization that can be built on as products increase. Also, I hate labels, so this requires none. Unless you're into label-makers and all that jazz, in which case… label away! The containers are from MUJI 無印良品 & Daiso Thailand (clearly obsessed with Japanese brands). If you're in India though, try Premsons or Crawford market (cheaper). You can also try ordering stuff online.Thanks for watching.#Makeup #Vanity #MakeupStorage #Organization #Beauty #Cosmetics

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