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7 Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older

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We’ve grown up on a generous dose of dos and don’ts when it comes to makeup (and pretty much everything actually!). I believe makeup should enhance your features and make you look a better version of yourself instead of transforming you into someone unrecognisable. Instead, I see too many girls blissfully committing blooper after blooper, and looking way older than their actual years. I physically have to restrain myself from stopping random girls in the train and discussing their makeup game with them, lest they think I’m some freak!

And so, I present to you my definitive list of makeup mistakes that are making you look older:



Mistake 1: Making The Arches Prominent

Thanks to Instagram, before we get a grip on something that’s trending, it’s been replaced by another beauty trend already. While bold brows are clearly here to stay, you might want to avoid the high, exaggerated arched brows that’s favoured on almost every makeup post online. Define but soften the arches of your brows to look more your age and also, natural.

Mistake 2: Using Dark, Shimmery Blushes

It’s true that most 90s trends are making a comeback, but some trends need to stay back in that era and should never be revived, like dark and brick-toned blushes in shimmery finishes. They look dated and unflattering. Blush should add a natural flush to your face. Go for bright and sheer colours in a matte finish. You can build on the intensity in layers and add a highlighter to create dimension.

Mistake 3:  Matte Eyeshadows

Matte eyeshadows in brown and beige tend to highlight tired eyes by making the skin look dry and crepey. Avoid using them all over the eyelid. Restrict their use only to deepen the sockets of your eyes and apply shimmery or iridescent shadows on the lids to make your eyes look brighter and awake.

Mistake 4: Black Eyeliner

Black is a strong AND harsh colour. It looks stunning at times, but is a little too much for a daytime look. Browns, greys and shades of blue look way more flattering, besides softening your features.


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Mistake 5: Going Heavy On The Bottom

Unless you are a punk in your teens, heavy black eyeliner under the bottom lashline is never a good look on anybody. If you can’t do without lining your lower lids, try doing so with browns, white or nude pencils, and always soften the lines by blending them with your finger tip or a Q-tip. It brings the focus on your eyes in a beautiful way.

Mistake 6: Mascara On The Lower Llashes

I’ve always said this and I reiterate, mascara can open up your eyes like nothing else. However, if you are already exhausted from a long day or haven’t had enough shut eye, avoid applying mascara on the lower lashes because it enhances the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. And honestly, that’s an enhancement we could totally do without.

Mistake 7: Loading Up On Foundation

The cardinal rule of wearing foundation is that it should look and feel like your skin. Being heavy-handed with foundation means your product is going to look caked up and will eventually settle in your fine lines, making you look way older than you actually are.


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