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Here’s How You Can Rock A Sultry, Stained Lip

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You know what I’ve been seeing all over Instagram over the past few years? All kinds of experimental lip trends — mermaid lips, smokey lips, and ombré lips galore! But here’s a trend that I’ve been loving and seeing all over, of late — the berry-stained lip. It’s extremely wearable and durable! Plus, it’s super easy to touch-up. Here are 2 simple steps to rocking a sultry, berry-stained lip.


#HauteHack: Try sticking to purples, reds, and pinks to keep with the berry look. Stained lips look best when the effect looks like you’ve been sucking on some colourful fruits or sipping on some red wine.


The look is a semi-ombré, except you want the 2 colours to be similar and seamlessly blend into each other. All you really need are 2 products.


1. The Base Shade

Opt for a pinky nude all over your lip, concentrating on lining your lips with it.


2. The Stain

Try a lip and cheek tint, a lip stain, or a lip blur product in the centre of your lips, both bottom and top. Make sure the shade in between is slightly darker than your base shade. Once you’ve applied some in the centre, use your fingers or a lip brush to pat down the colour and blend it in dabbing motions. Make sure you don’t venture too far from the centre of your lips.

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