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5 Makeup Brush Sets You Actually Need (All Under Rs 500!)

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If you spend hours online watching makeup tutorials, you know that the one thing you need in your life is a lot of money to buy these products. And those sponges. And those makeup brush sets. And the lashes. You quickly feel inadequate, eat a lot of ice cream, and go on to watch animal videos. But then you sigh, because it wouldn’t hurt to have a few of those products, would it? 

Now, if you don’t have major cash to burn, but are really tempted to own some of the products, we are sorting you out on the makeup brushes front. We have a list of 5 makeup brush sets are that under Rs.500. I know right? It’s a steal.


Vega Make-up Brushes (Rs 350)

This set of 6 brushes is perfect for the makeup noob. It covers all the basics and should put you on track to play around with a few eye looks. The flat eyeshadow brush allows you to place the product on the eyelid, and is a must-have in every makeup bag. 


Filone Makeup Brush Set (Rs 450)

This one is another makeup beginner-friendly brush set. With 6 brushes, this one is great to get you started, and the fine eyeliner brush is perfect if you want to try a winged liner or even add some drama to an eye look. We especially love the blush brush that’s great for diffusing colour. 


Puna Store Makeup Brush Set (Rs 349)

As anyone interested in makeup will tell you, you need a LOT of eye makeup brushes. You need a couple of hundred for the crease, then for the outer corner, and then another million for the inner corner. Okay, perhaps I exaggerate. But yeah, you need a lot of makeup brushes for the eyes, which is why this one is an epic win. 


Foolzy Makeup Brush Set (Rs 399)

Like the previous one, this one really brings it home with the eye makeup brushes. It has 5 brushes just for the eye, so you can blend, contour and create shape, all with this set. Plus, having face brushes that can work your foundation in doesn’t hurt. 


Tribecca Makeup Brush Set (Rs 499)

We love the short handle on these makeup brushes. It makes for great control and offers a lot of precision when using them. Of course, that it has a lot of eye brushes is also a plus. And there’s the domed powder brush, which is great for placing your bake. And if you love your concealer, this will become indispensable very, very quickly. 


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