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Madonna Drinks Her Own Pee And Takes Ice Baths To Keep Fit And Look Fabulous. Erm…What?

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If there were a list of adjectives that would describe me perfectly, I think daydreamer would be on top of that list. Much to people’s dismay, I zone off anytime anywhere. Most of the time I am actually playing out scenarios in my head that can never happen or just ponder on random celebrity facts from all around the world. Like the gorgeous bags they carry or the luxurious vacations they have, but mostly I think about how they maintain that kickass figure and how I wish at that age I too look like them.

I, like most 22-year-olds, do live off their gym and Pilates schedule vicariously and try and follow each tip they give out. But there are some tips, I just let slip like the one Madonna put up of her 3 am ritual. Looking at her you would think it might be effective, but you need real guts to follow it!

Actually, let’s forget not. Nobody in their sane mind should try this. At home, outside or anywhere. Then again, she looks like she hasn’t aged a day so maybe there’s something to it?

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The 61-year-old singer (who, might I add does not look a day over 30) is currently on her Madam X tour. She shared a clip on her Instagram TV channel showing her viewers how she deals with injuries and keeps herself as fit as she is. She captioned the video, “ICE TRAY-NEW DRIP-3: am Ice bath therapy for Madame X !! Shall we start an ICE bath challenge?? 41 degrees. (5 degrees Celcius) Best treatment for injuries!!”

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The 2-minute clip begins with her sparring with performer Ahlamalik Williams and then erupting in to a crazy dance routine as if to prepare herself for what she is about to do. Madonna then lowers herself into a bathtub filled with ice water. Dressed in a sports top and shorts with a pair of rubber socks, she is hesitant to get in at first (Who can blame her?) She lifts her shorts to show the camera a bruise on her leg before completely lowering herself into the bathtub. I felt the shivers running up and down my spine just watching the video!

According to Madonna, ice water is the best way to heal bruises faster. After sitting in the ice water for over a minute, Madonna gets out of the tub she pulled off her socks to reveal how red her legs have gotten. “That’s so you know how cold it is.” She said. To which Ahlamalik replied, “Much much respect.”

But hold on, if you are a daredevil you can still try this out. What you can’t try out at home because it will gross you out is what Madonna did after getting out of the tub. Don’t worry, I am exaggerating for effect. She is seen in a white bathrobe drinking what appears to be a yellow liquid from a white teacup. Do you want to guess what that yellow liquid was? Yep, it was her own urine *gags*! She says, “It’s really good to drink urine after you’ve got out of the frozen bath.” So, what do you think? How far will you go to have a body like hers? I would draw my line at drinking urine, lol.

This isn’t the first time Madonna has talked about using urine therapy to help injuries. She has admitted to peeing on her feet to cure athlete’s foot in the past as well.


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