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MAC’s Mascara Will Make You Ditch The Falsies And Give You Clump-Free Fluttery Lashes. Everyone’s Going To Think You’re Batting Your Lashes At Them

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Hello, lovely #HauteSquad. I am back with yet another product that I’ll be wearing for the rest of my life. That is if I survive the Coronavirus. While everyone was going crazy with the pandemic I was busy trying out makeup that I OWN. Yes, I have my priorities in order.

I don’t really enjoy mascara. I think it’s a great addition but like I totally get by without it. I would leave my makeup incomplete and not make use of mascara until I got my hands on this one product from MAC. Yes, I know their products can cost you at least one kidney, but who needs two kidneys anyway, right? Or am I the only one who thinks that?

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But lucky me that this tube of mascara came free with the very expensive compact my mum purchased, which I am convinced should be the only makeup product she should buy. With my traumatic past with mascaras, I was really steering clear of this one until my eyeshadow decided to fall over my lashes that made it look like they just played Holi. I had to give in and apply it.


As soon as I took the wand out of the tube I saw that there was no product on the bristles which as the first sign that this was a good product. You know when the wand is clear then your lashes aren’t going to get all clumpy.  The application was smooth as butter except for the time my clumsy ass decided to poke myself in the eye and almost make myself blind. But hey, that’s on me.

Honestly, I thought I spoke too soon when I said that this doesn’t feel heavy on my lids but this one really didn’t. The mascara, first of all, stayed through the night and didn’t even budge a little even through the sweat which made me extremely happy. The mascara was like a tiny push up bra for my lashes, clump-free and everything nice. I have never loved a mascara before and now this is my go-to makeup product for even when I don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup. This gives my lashes the extra volume, so ditch the fake lashes and get this instead. And this won’t make you look like a panda, so it gets a huge thumbs up.

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