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Looking For Natural Skincare? We Found You 5 Products With Great Ingredients

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As someone who works at Hauterfly, the word ‘skincare’ is sacred to us. Everyone has a routine, a regimen. Everyone else that is. I am more of a take-off-makeup-land-face-first-on-bed kind of person. Because, laziness!  I mean, I would make an effort but then it eats into sleep time. And honestly, I don’t want to be in the kitchen throwing into a cauldron all sorts on ingredients to make a potion.

Hey, I know natural is good, natural is great but not wanting to not get out of the blanket count for something? If moms and grandmoms are to be believed, natural skin remedies will defeat any stubborn skin problems you have. But time and effort are not things I am willing to put in, so I researched a little and found out a few products are made out of natural ingredients that will do the job and are efficient as well.  Also, I have no self-control and will spend on anything and everything! `

So here’s a list of products that you need it in your life RN!


Charcoal may look like it’s going to make things worse, but it helps the most with skin! We all know the reason for blackheads and acne is dirt. That’s where the charcoal walks in with its cape and superpowers.  Charcoal pulls out the dirt from your pores, unclog them and make your skin clear. This soap, this does the job.

Aloe Vera

Nothing is better than aloe vera gel that has been extracted right in front of you, that’s true. Aloe Vera is best known to work its magic on skin and hair providing it with all the nourishment and hydration it needs. But extracting it can be ‘poke-y’ business.  We love this gel from Innisfree that comes with all the goodness of aloe vera but in a tube.


Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that’s great to zap those zits and give you a natural glow. Yeah, turmeric is much more than just an ingredient in your dal! Turmeric can be used in many ways if you’re going the homemade way, but if you aren’t, then this Kiehl’s mask is *the* product you need to get all the benefits.


What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you read the word ‘neem’? For me, it’s  a homemade face pack that smells kind of iffy. The thing is though, neem reduces acne and moisturises the skin, things we could all use. And this all-natural product channels all the benefits in this face wash. We love.


Dry lips are a pet peeve. I just can’t stand them. So, I looked for a lip balm that will moisturise my lips for hours on end and I found my perfect one! It’s the Organic Harvest Lip Balm that is infused with lemon so it’ll keep my lips from getting darker and also has SPF to protect them!


Sama is a Social Media Executive at Hauterfly. She owns 3 fiend cats that she loves the most, besides pizzas and everything junk! Her love for BTS is immense and will cry at every breath they take!

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