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Here’s Why You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Lipstick

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Every girl remembers her first tube of lipstick. It’s perhaps the first makeup product we take to because it is so easy to use. Also, when there’s a time crunch (which is always), a swipe of bright colour is all you’ll need to look put together because doing your eyes and/or brows in panic mode does not work out well. However, like everything else, wearing lipstick comes with its share of boo-boos.

Never had the colour bleeding, or completely disappearing within an hour of putting it on? Or — horror of horrors! — product ending up on your teeth. If your answer to any of these is “no”, I refuse to believe you are human. To have never made a single faux pas with lipstick is not only unbelievable, it is impossible.

I’ve no shame in admitting that it happens to the best of us. But we learn from our mistakes, right? If you’re struggling with flawless application, we know what you’re doing wrong. Here’s the bible on how to nail a beautiful pucker every single time.

1. Help! My lipstick’s runny

This situation is familiar for every girl with oily skin. I steered clear of lipstick for the longest time because I just couldn’t deal with runny, bleeding colour that made me look like I was headed to a Halloween party. Here’s how you can lock your colour in: use translucent powder. Dust a little over your Cupid’s bow and right under your lower lip all the way to your chin.

2. The colour payoff isn’t great and it fades

Err, that’s probably because you’re applying only one coat. Layering is key to getting the most out of your lipstick AND to make any formula last long. Apply a single coat of colour, then blot your lips with a tissue. While the tissue is still on your lips, dust a little translucent powder over it with a fluffy brush. Then apply another coat and repeat the blotting and dusting process. Depending on how many hours you want your lipstick to last, you can do this up to four times without your lips feeling heavy or caked up. Goodbye, pathetic-looking lipstick ring!

3. Hello, 911? I’ve got lipstick on my teeth!

This is as mortifying as having food stuck between your teeth. And lipstick has an uncanny ability to shift to your teeth at the most inopportune moments, like when the office hottie strikes a conversation with you by the coffee machine. Prevent this booboo by putting your index finger in your mouth and closing your lips around it after you’ve applied your lipstick, then slowly pull your finger out. It will have a ring of colour on it which would have eventually smeared your teeth.

4. Lipstick level: Kylie Jenner

Even though overlined lips seem to be the trend du jour, I beg you to stay away from it. Want full, luscious-looking lips? Line your lips exactly on the natural edges of your lips and apply the liner in the centre of your lips. Follow this up with your lipstick and you will notice the difference!

5. My lips are scaly

If you’re exfoliating your face regularly and not showing your lips the same TLC, your lips are bound to get flaky and lipstick won’t go on as smoothly as it should. Your lips need to be scrubbed as often as your face or the build up from dead skin will make them chapped and painful. Use a homemade scrub to exfoliate them or use an old toothbrush to gently slough away dead skin. Gentle being the keyword.

6. Matte formulas make my lips drier than the Sahara

Like makeup can’t go on flawlessly on dry, dehydrated skin, your lips too need some conditioning. Always apply lipstick soon after you moisturise your face and apply some lip balm. Apply your makeup like you normally would, and when you get to your lips blot the excess balm on a tissue or the back of your hand. You can apply a matte formula with considerable ease now. Also, refresh your matte formula with a touch of balm right in the centre of your lips (where it tends to get driest) after a few hours of wear. Here’s are a few excellent lip balms to choose from.


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