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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Wearing Makeup On The Daily!

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On an average, a girl spends two weeks of the year just applying makeup. No, we’re not kidding! That’s how long, and how much trouble it takes.

So, if you are as lazy as me, you probably just choose to step outside the house looking like a zombie, and comfortably step into the IDGAF zone!

Well girl, you don’t need to do that anymore. Here are 15 beauty hacks that will impress every lazy girl who wants to step up her makeup game in under two minutes.

inpost-beauty hacks-applying makeup (1)

1. Use your fingers to apply makeup.

Avoid brushes and sponges as they tend to soak up the makeup. Instead use the warmth of your fingers to help blend the makeup better. Plus, you won’t land up wasting product either.

2. Use a spoon to apply eye shadow.

In order to create that perfect cut-crease on your eyes, use a spoon to apply a dark eye shadow to your crease line.

inpost-beauty hacks-filling eyebrow (1)

3. Fill in your eyebrows with a mascara.

You don’t need any eyebrow product. A dark brown mascara does the trick!

4. Use multipurpose products.

Get a rose-tinted stick, which can be used for the eyes, cheeks as well as the lips. A pink shade of lipstick could also double up as a cheek tint and eyeshadow!

inpost-beauty hacks-red lipstick (1)

5. Turn day makeup into night makeup.

You don’t need to remove you makeup from your no-makeup makeup look to look the ultra glam for a night out. Apply some glitter on your lids and a red lipstick to make the switch.

6. Use multipurpose coconut oil at night.

You can use coconut oil to remove your makeup at the end of the day, and even use it as an overnight moisturiser.

7. Use scotch tape for the perfect wing.

Use a credit card or scotch tape at the corner of your eye to perfect that eyeliner wing! You really can’t go wrong with this one.

inpost-beauty hacks-eyelash curler (1)

8. Apply eyeliner with an eyelash curler.

You need not worry about working on your symmetry game when it comes to applying eyeliner. Apply some gel eye liner on the eyelash curler and curl your lashes, voila you will have lined your eyes instantly.

9. No need to carry an eyeliner.

Dip an eye liner brush in your mascara bottle and line your eyes.

inpost - beauty hacks-powder

10. Use baby powder on greasy hair.

If you hate washing your hair frequently, then apply some baby powder to your scalp in order to soak up the oil, and add some volume and bounce!

11. Apply eye shadow on your scalp to cover greys.

I know it’s a task running to the salon for a hair touch-up every couple of weeks. Apply eye shadow to your scalp to cover the greys when you need to step out.

inpost-beauty hacks-wet hair

13. Wrap wet hair in a T-shirt.

You don’t need to spend hours blow drying your hair every time you wash your hair. Instead just wrap a cotton t-shirt around your head in order to make your hair dry faster. It’s much more absorbent than a towel.

inpost-beauty hacks-removing makeup

14. Use makeup wipes to remove makeup.

Sleeping with makeup on is a no-no, even if you’re a lazy girl. Keep makeup wipes on your bedside table and use them when you’re too lazy to go through the whole makeup removal routine.

15. Master an easy makeup look.

You don’t need to go all glam every single day. Master a quick 2-minute look by applying some foundation, eyeliner and a lip stain.


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