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Kylie Jenner Gets A Customised Instagram Filter For Her 21st Birthday!

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She’s going to turn 21. She has 112 million followers on Instagram. And she’s supposedly a self-made billionaire as well. Yes, it does look like Kylie Jenner has everything going for her. But. Actually, there is no but here. She is pretty much living the life every one of us wants to. And to make us feel a little more inadequate, she has her own Instagram filter now. And not just a generic one. A customised one. I will wait while your tears collect in a puddle at your feet.

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The new Instagram filter allows users to try on lip colours from Kylie’s lipstick collection, and will also give you long, fluttery eyelashes and add a contour, so you can fake your glamorous best. It also adds a blur effect on the skin, effectively negating any blemishes or marks.

However, even this filter won’t mask the feeling of ‘What am I doing with my life?’ you will undoubtedly experience from knowing that a yet to be 21-year-old has accomplished more than you have till date.

By the way, your lips will also look fuller with this filter, so maybe that’s something. You know, as a consolation?


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