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This Blush From A Homegrown Vegan Brand Is Perfect For A Natural But Radiant Flush

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I really love blushes. Since childhood, I would watch my mum apply this product and it would make her look cute as a doll. When I was old enough to wear makeup, my cousin made the very smart decision of gifting me makeup because every girl should have her own. I received my first blush, amongst other things. It was the Physicians Formula Nude Wear Blush. It comes in 4 different colours. I would dip my brush in it and apply it all over my cheeks and nose. It’s been over a few years now and I still have that blush and use it. I know you’re like, whoa, that’s expired, but hey, a girl can have feelings for makeup. I don’t see you breaking up with your good-for-nothing boyfriend.

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Then the same cousin gifted me NARS *squeals in excitement*. Yes, I get very excited when I finally get my paws on something I have wanted for a very long time. Anyhoo, my Physicians Formula blush is almost over. I have hit pan and despite my numerous achievements, can I just say I am exceptionally proud of this one? So, now my only hope was NARS and since that isn’t available here I didn’t want to use and finish it. I prayed to the gods of cosmetics to either make NARS available in India or send a dupe. Well, they heard my prayers.

I recently got a chance to try this blush from Kiro. This is a newly launched homegrown brand that manufactures vegan products. I had to give this one a try and it fit perfectly in my budget too. The packaging of the product is very bright and quirky. It doesn’t have a strong smell to it, but it’s there. The pan comes in two different shades one is dark and the other one was light so I was highly confused about how is this going to work.

I imagined that half of my cheek would be brown and the other half would be pink and that would be weird but perhaps become a trend? Okay, but obviously, you’ve swirl your brush in the blush and this one blended well and gave me a natural rosy look. I instantly fell in love. The texture of the blush is smooth shows colour on your cheeks in one swipe itself. So unlike my first favourite blush that I had to vigorously dip and apply, this one actually does the job rather quickly. This blush is for days when you don’t want to walk out of the house with heavy makeup. Just this blush and a lippie and you’re good to go! I would recommend this blush to anyone who prefers a more natural look. This is worth the investment!

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