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Korean Makeup Artist Kim Myung Jun Lays Down K-Beauty Commandments For The Desi Bride

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Indian bridal makeup is one of the most time consuming and elaborate processes in the beauty sphere. Makeup artists spend hours with tired brides propped up on uncomfortable chairs to try and get that perfect look. The result, desi brides looking like a million bucks on their big day!

The intricate detailing that desi brides put into their look is becoming almost inspirational for women from other cultures as well. There is a growing trend of foreign tourists flying down to Indian to have traditional Hindu weddings, and vice versa. We love the fact that modern couples are bridging the gap between cultures and going global with their bridal fashion. And, one of the viral makeup trends that we anticipate to show up on this side of the shore is K-Beauty!

K-Beauty is gaining attention worldwide, the main factor involved in the popularity of K-Beauty is because them peeps seem to have ridiculously good skin. K-Beauty includes a detailed skincare routines, makeup products, and processes that focus on choosing products according to your skin type and tone.

Hauterfly Kim Myung Jun Etude House

We wanted to dig deep on what makes K-Beaty such a sought-after regime for millennial women. So we had a quick chat with Etude House’s Head Makeup Artist Kim Myung Jun to take us through the deets.

KMJ’s Makeup Mantra

So how do best introduce a makeup artist? Talk about his fabulous work, of course! In his own words, “I have hosted a lot of makeup sessions in several countries, like China, Japan, Singapore, and the Middle East. During these events, I emphasize the importance of finding the right colour for your skin tone. When the product fits well with your skin tone, it makes your face look lively and vibrant. If you use a colour that doesn’t suit you, it will make your skin look dull and rough. Therefore, I believe that the basics of makeup style and aesthetics begin with finding the right colour for you and based on Etude House’s core brand concept, I think makeup should be lovely, trendy and playful”. 

The Monolid

One of the major elements of K-makeup is tackling the monolid. Kim suggests, “For the monolid, it is important to set the guidelines first. Before using eyeliner, keep your eyes open and dot the eye line to form the guideline, and then connect the dots for a perfect look. To make your eyes look bigger, you can blend the eyeliner border naturally with a dark eye shadow. Using mascara and fake lashes also help in making your eyes look bigger.”

K-Beauty Basics For The Desi Bride

What we love about K-beauty is the emphasis it puts on maintaining a healthy complexion rather than covering it up with layers of makeup. So what are the major commandments women swear by?

  • Deep Cleansing- In order to maintain healthy and clean skin, care must be taken to cleanse in the morning and evening. Dead skin must be taken care by regularly exfoliating. 
  • Skin Care Routine- Use skincare according to your skin type (dry, oily, combined, sensitive) and maintain steps for your skincare process such as toner, essence, eye cream, emulsion, moisturizer, etc. to provide adequate moisturization and nutrition.
  • Select base and foundation according to skin tone- Use a coloured makeup base (like mint, pink or lavender) according to your skin tone and select your foundation based on your skin type
  • Choose makeup products that match with your complexion- Find colours that match with your complexion and undertones (warm or cool-toned)
  • Natural makeup to brighten up the skin tone- Rather than applying heavy makeup, go for a natural blended makeup look utilising vibrant pinks, corals and reds.

The Reigning Makeup Trend

For Kim, the biggest makeup trend this season has to do with the perfect pout. A balanced dynamic red colour on the lips will be an integral part of every fashion week in 202o, he says. It can be applied on every woman, regardless of their skin tone. Bright, luminous skin and rich lashes will help define the red lip with a great romantic sensibility.

When asked where he sources his trends from, Kim confessed, “I do not have any particular preference in terms of beauty icons or celebrities, but I am inspired by all beauty influencers like YouTubers, and Instagram influencers since they are very sensitive to new trends and seek new things with open diversity”. We totally agree that influencers are doing super exciting things with makeup and we can’t get enough if them.

The Desi Bride’s Guide To Glowing Skin

The weeks leading up to the big day are crucial for a bride. Sheet masks are a great way of moisturizing and nourishing the skin. You should start with cleansing your face, and when the skin is still slightly damp, apply a toner to rebalance the skin. This will also help the mask absorb into your skin better. Make sure the mask sheet is firmly attached to your face and remove it after about 15 minutes and massage the remaining essence into your face. Repeating this process 2-3 times a week will help achieve a clear, glowing complexion.

The K-Makeup Hacks

The most important thing in bridal make-up is longevity. It is difficult to fix makeup repeatedly on the wedding day, so I would suggest using long-lasting products. For lips that are easily erased, use a lip tint. Applying it by itself or even on top of your lipstick will elongate the wear time. The most important part of applying makeup is ensuring that you start with a clean base. Cleansing your face properly before you apply makeup helps in getting rid of that layer of dirt and oil. It is best to apply makeup to fresh and clean skin.

KMJ Picks His Faves

We asked Kim what’s the one product he never leaves the house without and his response was super relatable… a face mist! The Moistfull Collagen Facial Mist from Etude House. This soothing facial mist provides instant moisture and elasticity to the skin. Densely packed with ultra-fine water drops that rapidly deliver moisture, this mist will keep your skin hydrated for long hours without dryness due to evaporation.

Hauterfly Etude House Collagen Mist

It is always a treat to see beauty gurus try something new with Indian bridal makeup. With K-Makeup and K-Beauty getting more popular by the hour, we can certainly see it make cameos this bridal season. And, if you are looking to be the trailblazer for this trend, now you know how!


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