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This Mascara From Kiko Milano Has My Heart And Will Soon Steal Yours As Well. Here’s Why!

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The party season is here! Yes, COVID-19 is still here but will that stop us from having little fun? Yes, of course! But come on it’s the party season and we cannot be just sitting in our PJs and do nothing. You can always call a few friends over (the ones you actually like :p) and throw a bash at home or even go out since clubs and other places are open but always take precautions. If you forget your phone at home that’s fine but make sure you carry sanitiser at all costs and do not dare to take a breath without a mask obviously. Oh, and keep a mascara handy.

I mean I look out for reasons to dress up even if it’s at home. Recently my sister and my parents celebrated their birthday and anniversary respectively and I went all out with my makeup I even sprayed on a very expensive perfume ’cause why not?

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Since our eyes are going to be the only thing visible to others at least make them look freaking gorgeous right? And especially your lashes because that will always turn a head or two in your direction. People have a weird obsession with amazing lashes and I have just the product to give you the long dramatic lashes that will look absolutely natural. No, I am not talking about fake lashes but I am talking about this amazing mascara.


UNEXPECTED PARADISE Twist Brush Waterproof Mascara ( Rs 1500 Available In Stores)

As someone who isn’t a fan of mascara, I can proudly say I am a convert after trying this mascara from Kiko Milano. The packaging looks very luxurious because of the golden colour. Once I opened the mascara and took the wand out, it’s literally the perfect size so that you can hold it comfortably. Even the brush’s bristles are just the kind to give your lashes a dramatic lift.  Okay, now this may sound weird but the mascara wand can also be twisted. The normal bristle is for length and volume, while the spiraled one is to add a bit of curl and volume. I tried both and I was excited with how my lashes looked both times. See volume and curl is rarely found in one mascara and I am just thrilled I found it.

It’s amazing because it’s water-resistant and clump-free. I can confirm because instead of using a cleanser I decided to wash my face with water and facewash and the mascara refused to leave my lashes.  It was only after I did a oil cleanse that the mascara reluctantly washed off my lashes.  No kidding! It definitely doesn’t make your lashes feel heavy. Because that is one of the reasons why I steered clear of mascaras. All in all, this is a great product to have in your bag while you go out partying and dancing away.

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