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Kaushal Hoards This One Beauty Product In Her Bag – And We Totally Relate!

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We think it’s safe to call her a YouTube beauty goddess by now, and we honestly, cannot get enough of Kaushal Beauty. We’re pretty sure we’ve all looked to her for some style-spiration and follow-me tutorials – and they’ve turned out fab!

Covering aspects of beauty across a varying range of tutorials – from basics to detailed festive looks, and even wacky Insta-inspired creations, Kaushal doesn’t hold back! No wonder she has such a vast international following.

We caught up with Kaushal Beauty at the recent and found out all her secrets, her guilty makeup pleasures, and of course trends to look out for this season – and some will really, really surprise you!

What’s your go-to beauty statement?

Contour and highlight! When I do my full face of makeup, that’s one thing I HAVE to do – it’s my thing!

The beauty products that are always in your bag?

At any time, I always have about 4 or 5 different lipsticks in my bag. My all-time favourite is NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Toulousse. Honestly, I very rarely have bronzers or powders with me.

The other things would have to be a hand sanitizer, some perfume, and chewing gum. In terms of makeup, it’s all about the lips!

Tips to sweat-proof your makeup.

If you’re having a good skincare day, less is always more! You don’t need to pile on the makeup at all.

Although you see that on Instagram all the time, with the Insta face – you don’t need to do that every time. I’d say leave the full glam for special occasions. If you do need to do it – powder works really well and use a mattefying setting spray.

What makeup should you look out for during the festive season?

Go hard or go home!

You can go for full glam with a lot of glitter and sparkle…you know the whole shebang. Or, just go for your ‘safe face’ – something you know works for your skin and makes you feel comfortable.

Personally, I might go for a bit of glitter this Diwali and wear something simple – I am going to make my makeup do the talking.

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