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Katrina Has Ditched The Straightener For Curls In Bharat And We Are Swooning

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Katrina Kaif, recently brought on board for the movie Bharat, has shared her look for the movie with us, and has us gushing all over it already. She’s finally ditched the straight hair look to opt for something more out of the box, only for her though. The look is for anybody else would be far from risque.

The movie starring Salman Khan in the male lead, earlier meant to cast Priyanka Chopra, who then had to be replaced by Kat, because #NickYanka happened. The movie is being directed by Ali Abbas and is being shot in Malta at the moment.

Katrina Kaif is seen to have ditched her usual straight hair, nude makeup look to go little more bronzed and curly, and seeminly a lot more real for the camera this time.

Seems like the Mediterranean air has allowed the star to let loose more than her hair! Guess, we’re already looking forward to its release, now that we know Katrina, too, can pull off variety like a pro. Who knew, huh?


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