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Juicy Couture Is Coming Out With A Makeup Line

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We have all heard of Juicy Couture, the brand responsible for encasing the bottoms around the world in universally unflattering velour fabric. And causing fashion police everywhere to pull their hair in frustration. Then, for a while, much to everyone’s relief, airport and off duty looks became a thing and everything was an occasion to wear better things than sweat pants. But I guess, when you are Juicy Couture, you never become irrelevant.

And keeping that mind, the brand is now coming out with makeup. In 2018. When practically every brand has done this and is now looking for ways to reinvent their lines. Of course, we are on board with new makeup. But then the products don’t look too exciting. I mean, we don’t see it becoming the next big thing on Instagram. The eye shadow palette looks a little meh – we didn’t spot any matte eye shadows – so creating a complete look might not be possible and even the lipsticks didn’t have us wanting to own these immediately.

But then, will it make our lips juicy? It remains to be seen. We will wait this one out.


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