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The Glow Gods Have Heard Us. JLo’s Inglot Collection Is Here!

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We are always excited when makeup brands introduce new products. But getting our hands on these new makeup launches is, well, elusive. It involves saving up for months, begging cousins to go to the nearest Sephora store in their country, and bribing friends who are travelling. And then sometimes, you are pleasantly surprised when the brand brings it’s key products to India. This is exactly what happened with Inglot India.

We recently wrote about Inglot launching a makeup collection with Jennifer Lopez and how promising the whole thing sounded. Makeup junkies in India will be excited to know that we can now get our hands on it! *Faints with excitement*

“The capsule collection we created with Inglot is filled with all my go-to products in my favourite colours. We have everything from mascara, lipsticks, eyelashes, blush, eye shadow, and, of course… bronzers,” Jennifer Lopez has said.



Lopez, 49, looks like she is ageing in reverse, and her skin is what sun-kissed dreams are made of. We are hoping she has sprinkled some of her beauty secrets into these products. Asking for much? Maybe. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

Love may not cost a thing, but this capsule collection certainly will.


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