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Jelly Nails Are A Thing, And We Have All The Inspiration You Need!

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There was a time when women turned to magazines to get the latest updates on all things trendy in the world of beauty. Then, for a while, all of us were looking at Pinterest, scrolling through pictures of everything we couldn’t recreate. Then, Instagram came and changed everything. Now, it’s the place to turn to for all the beauty inspo ever – whether it’s nails, eyeshadows, foundations – basically anything. If you’re hooked on to Instagram like we are, you know that the latest nail trend is jelly nails.

And no, this is not where you actually put jelly on your nails, biting off tiny bits to give yourself a constant sugar rush. Though I wouldn’t really say no to that. Jelly nails is where your nails extend beyond your actual nails and are actually transparent. Or translucent, you know, if you are really into minute details. It’s sexy, pretty and plenty of fun to play around with.

Jelly nails first enjoyed their moment in the sun when Kylie Jenner got them done, and now they are just basking in the glory of being a rage the world over. If you want these but can’t find something you really love, these pictures should totally help you out.

You have a look while we get our manicurist to recreate one of these.





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