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Get Janhvi Kapoor’s Dhadak Beauty Look

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Janhvi Kapoor is all set to make her big Bollywood debut in the movie Dhadak, and she is out and about promoting the film. Needless to say, Janhvi looks great in the movie and her beauty looks are simple, pristine and fresh. She is seen wearing a similar look for her movie promotions as well. And we decided to break it down for you. Keep scrolling for an easy breakdown of Janhvi Kapoor’s Dhadak beauty look.

Step 1: Moisturise and apply a strobe cream

In this look, preparation for the base is just as important as your entire makeup. Start by moisturising your skin to give it that natural healthy glow. Once your skin is nice and hydrated, apply a strobe cream to give your face that glow from within.

Step 2: Keep the foundation light

The next step is foundation. Try to pick either a BB Cream or a medium coverage foundation. Don’t pick anything with very heavy coverage, as the base here should be very natural, and your skin should show from within.

Step 3: Use a brightening concealer

Apply a brightening concealer to the centre of your face and under your eyes. Start by applying the concealer in a triangular shape under your eye, on the centre of your forehead, bridge of your nose, and a little bit on your chin.

Step 4: Contour your face

The next step to get Janhvi’s chiselled face is to contour. Start by contouring your face, as well as your nose, since she has a little bit of a pointed nose.

Step 5: Brush on some blush

Janhvi has a very natural flush and blush to her cheeks. So you can either use a lip and cheek tint, or use a cream blush to create that natural flush on your cheeks. Followed by which, top it up with a little bit of shimmer to give that nice glow.

Step 6: Apply some kajal

Now apply kajal, not in your waterline, as the look is very neat, clean and fresh. Instead, apply it in your lashline.

Step 7: Contour your lids

Apply a brown eyeshadow in your crease to contour your eyelids.

Step 8: Smudge your liner

Janhvi’s look is very soft and pretty, and that is because everything is blended and smudged out beautifully. So to do that, first apply kajal very close to your lashes on our lids. Then smudge it and set it with some black eyeshadow.

Step 9: Apply mascara

Top the look up with a few coats of mascara.

Step 10: Apply a soft shade of lipstick

Janhvi is not seen wearing any harsh lip colours on her lips in the movie, as well as for the promotions. An easy hack to get a nice tint to your lips is to apply lipstick by dabbing it on your lips, and then smudging it lightly with your finger.

Step 11: Go for braids at the crown 

In the movie, Janhvi is mostly seen wearing her hair down, with the front section either rolled or tucked behind with braids. Make a centre part, braid the front sections and tuck them behind.
There you go! Jahnvi Kapoor’s simple desi look from Dhadak is sure to make you a head-turner!

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