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This Current Nail Trend Will Take Your Manicure To The Next Level

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Nail art trends literally come and go in the blink of an eye — some we totally love to recreate, while others are just bizarre (ahem, furry nails…what were you thinking?). You’ve got to admit that there’s something rather satisfying and relaxing about nail art videos.

This time round, we’ve found an Instagram nail trend that you can actually follow — it’s totally NOT NSFW. Using colour-blocking techniques, foiling, and glitter, mosaic nail art adds definition to a flat colour.

Using lighter pastels, you can totally make this trend day appropriate, or amp it up with darker hues to make it evening glam. This one is here to stay, guys, and unlike those ridiculous trends that take over the internet, you can actually give this one a try…don’t you think?

Scroll down to get some nail-inspo from Instagram’s latest trend!



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