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7 Instagram Accounts To Follow For The Coolest Hair Tutorials

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Let’s face it: going to the salon before every single party is both expensive and time-consuming. TBH, it would be so much more convenient if you could just master some hairdos and spend the extra cash on that cute bracelet you’ve been eyeing for a while, no? When I say ‘master some hairdos’, I don’t mean go out and take a class — honey, ain’t nobody got time for that! What you can do, however, is right in the palm of your hand (cheesy, I know).

Instagram is far more useful than just stalking your favourite celebrities or posting a selfie a day. The social media platform actually plays host to some of the coolest hair tutorial accounts out there. They cover everything from blow-drying your hair perfectly and curling it in minutes, to fun braids and elegant up-dos. Since we’re all too lazy to head over to YouTube to check them out, let these 60-second styles inspire your next do.

Get scrolling and make sure you press play!


1. @SarahAngius is a YouTuber who adds shorter versions of her tutorials to Instagram. While her easy-breezy up-dos and braids are great, it’s her intense blow-drying skills that I’m in awe of. This might take some practice, but look how great the end result is!


2. @Ulyana.Aster keeps her styles more on the bridal side of things. Her romantic braids are absolutely gorgeous and next up on my DIY list are some of these pretty hair accessories she adds to her hair.


3. @HairArtTut is an account that collects and reposts tutorials and inspirations on their page. While they have everyday styles to keep you scrolling for days, it’s their tips and tricks (like this one), that I keep an eye out for.


4. @OMGArtistry (aka Olivia) isn’t just great with hair, she’s a celebrity makeup artist too. A little more on the boho side, her flash tattooed  hairstyle is one I’m dying to try! Keep an eye out for the products she uses and the tips she gives out in her comment section — they’re super useful.


5. Like @HairArtTut, @Hair picks up styles from all over and posts it on their page. There’s nothing like too much inspiration so following both accounts to get tons of ideas. This little gem (press play) is something that’s great for work AND play.


6. @Dodiejayhair can go from messy one second and super slick the next. If you’re on the hunt for those styles that look like they didn’t take any time to do, she’s the one to follow.


7. While @HeatherChapmanHair has a hair education website which you can pay for and learn from, she posts some of her tutorials on Instagram and they’re absolutely gorgeous! If you watch these a couple of times and practice, they should be a piece of cake.


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