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#MySkincareBFF: These Two Products From Innisfree Is Keeping My Hands And Lips Moisturised This Winter

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From my life to my skin; everything seems to be dry. The former is a choice but the latter is just annoying now. I envy the ones who have it all perfect. Perfect skin, moisturised skin, and smooth lips. Like why does God like you so much? What did you do to get into his good books? Share the secret and the product.

I have finished tons of moisturisers in just a month trying to get my skin to look like a baby’s butt. Please do not judge! But to my dismay, I only end up with nothing but greasy skin so  I end up eventually wiping the the whole thing off. Oh, now that I think about it maybe that is why my skin is so dehydrated.  *smiles stupidly*

So, I went to this great place called the internet where I searched for the ‘best moisturisers and lip balms’ and the two options that showed up were from Innisfree. Now, you must have seen that I review a lot of Innisfree products, the reason being that they actually work. They deliver what they claim to do so I didn’t even hesitate to purchase these two.

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The hand cream smells like autumn. It’s not too strong and not too light; just perfect. I will not lie but it does make your skin a little greasy after applying but not so much so that I wash/wipe it off. It’s perfect to have the moisturised hand that I have wanted for a very long time. The cream eventually absorbs into your skin, but unlike other creams, this one doesn’t make your hands dry after being absorbed. So, I don’t have to constantly keep applying. Of course, I do re-apply it only after I have washed my hands or sanitised them which these days, I am doing constantly. And because I’ve been so regular, I have almost finished this also. But I squeeze tinsy bit of cream only each time  and even that much does the job well enough.

As for the lip balm, that thing smells delicious. It is like I am actually applying honey on my lips and it’s a known fact that honey is good for skin and lips. Basically, it has a sweet smell to it. Not the kind that will instantly give you a migraine and you want to die. Okay, now the best part about this lip balm is it’s super greasy but not in a heavy way. Like it’s there but you don’t feel it. And after awhile this too absorbs into your lips until the next morning, which helps keep your chapped lips away! I have almost finished this lip balm and I am someone who never manages to finish my lip balm. I basically sleep with both these products generously applied.. They are my go to products that I have kept next to my pillow. I love these products and would totally recommend to everyone right now!

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